Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mini Hoop Art

Even though I joke about it, I am proud of my Mennonite heritage.  My Gramma and Grampa are Mennonite, but not terribly strict Menno's. As my cousin says he's a culinary Mennonite!  There's something about spending time with my Grandparent's that means so much to me.  They've taught me so many valuable (Mennonite) skills like baking, woodworking, embroidery, and crochet.  

I've recently taken up embroidery again and I'm having a blast! I started a new embroidery pin board, if you're interested in following me.  I've found some cute patterns that I can't wait to start on.  Here are a couple I've finished so far.   

These are mini hoops that are about  4" wide-ok really 3.5".  So they really are tiny.  The hula girl is 7.5" wide (in diameter, as my engineering husband points out.  He just said something about pi, and circumference .... I stopped listening)

This one's not quite done yet.  I'm going to add some three dimensional elements to it as well.  Do you do any needle work?  Or am I rockin' a lost art? 
Dragonfly Designs


Anonymous said...

Love that dress on you and the hair style as well - from the picture I can honesly say you looked aboslutely stunning on your wedding day!

Anonymous said...

^^ *honestly and *absolutely

Oops - clearly wasn't paying attention to my keyboard and spelling... you know what I meant though :)

Unknown said...

Love it! Don't worry-embroidery is still so cool (not that I am authority on cool, or anything!) Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happily following along!