Sunday, August 8, 2010

Paint by Numbers

I had bought 2 canvasses the last time I was at Michael's.  I think they were priced at $12.99 but for some (amazing) reason were 50% off!  So 2 brand new 16 x 20 canvasses just waiting for me to ruin them!

I thought that my bathroom needed some umph.  It's 'theme' is black white and gray and luckily is painted a light purple gray (thank you last owners of my house!).  Our towels look great but there's something missing. (Will post pictures of bathroom-have some ideas but would love feedback on what to do with the space)

Originally I had this amazing idea about learning how and actually decoupaging all these images of bathrooms, antique sinks and toilets and flowers.....then I read that you can't use images you print from ink jet printers since the ink will run....well there went that idea... Oh yeah, and I don't own any liquid glue!?!?

So onto idea #2-OWLS!
 I really liked this image and wanted to use it somehow.  Needless to say I didn't?!?!  Oh well.  Since I couldn't decoupage my images I thought-hey might as well paint them.  The following pictures outline my super easy paint by numbers for a great, and original, piece of art. 

STEP ONE: Sketch your idea onto the canvas
(yes you can erase if you make a mistake)

Step Two: Envision colours and start painting.
I started with the cherry tree branches.  Then I went back and painted the background Dove Grey (PLAID Folk Art Acrylic paint)  I used a slanted brush for the branches and to get the nitty gritty details of gray along the branches.  Always do 2 coats of a background colour to throroughly cover the canvas.

Step Three: Details

I always do the boring stuff first.  Getting the background nicely covered, making sure the supporting images (cherry tree branches) are well defined.  Once I'm done with the grunt/bulk work then I 'reward' myself and work on the detail or focus of the painting.

Step Four: Finish and admire

There's my owl.  I think she will make a lovely addition to my bathroom.  I think I may paint the other canvas to compliment this one.  I wasn't sure when I started if I was going to outline the owl in black sharpie, making it more cartoon-esque.  But once I started painting the cherry blossoms (quite abstractly with no distinct shape) I decided against it. 

The cherry blossoms are VERY EASY to accomplish.  I used a small filbert paint brush (flat but with a rounded top edge) and dipped it heavily into paint.  Then I pressed it flatly against the canvas letting the paint squish out in a circle shape.  Five of these circle made 1 cherry blossom.  I then went back and added darker pink accents and mixed it with the still wet light pink petals.  A simple technique with a beautiful finish.


Jill said...

Fun. Also, I LOVE shutterstock. They have the most amazing images!! P.S. Buy mod podge.

Michele Alger said...

This turned out so beautiful! Better than if you had copied the image...WAY TO GO!!