Saturday, September 25, 2010

Autumn Centrepiece

OK, I will have a BIG reveal early next week, but since I'm busy with that VERY large project, I felt I did need to crank out one small fall themed craft for this week.

I got my inspiration from Alicia at Thrify & Chic.  But like most of us I made a few alterations!   While I loved the wheat, I wasn't sure where I was going to be able to get that in in short notice.  So on one of my already scheduled shopping trips I picked up Spanish moss ($2), a faux grass and fox tail swag ($5), a maple leaf bunch for some colour ($1) and floral foam (FYI I never used my floral foam because it's MIA-still haven't found it)  I had a small jam jar (free!) that I was going to use as my base. 

Here's what I started with

Since my floral foam was MIA, I decided I would fill my jar with Spanish moss.  It would work just as well as the foam.  But first I had to transform my ugly jam jar.  I used a thick ribbon leftover from a giant box of chocolates (Valentines Day) that was brown with pinky polka dots! PERFECT!  I hot glued the ribbon on, wrapping it tight so it wouldn't slip.  I had a bit of jar showing at the neck, but I had a plan for that!

Great!  So I stuffed my jar with Spanish moss and got to faux floral arranging.  I actually took apart the grass swag into small parts so I could arrange it how I wanted.  I also cut the stems off my maple leaf bunch so I could place them where I wanted.  Once I had the 3 fox tails in the right places I started filling up the rest of the jar with more grass.  I glued the maple leaf stems into the arrangement, or else they'd be camped out around the perimeter like an invading army-lame!  It was starting to come together!

But something was missing.  I still felt like it was just bad fake flowers sticking out of a jar...well not entirely, but sort I got an idea.  I wrapped raffia around the lip of the jar several times and tied a big bow.  I did this 2-3 times to cover up any jar the was still showing.  I also liked how the raffia gave it a more natural/rural feel

Finished Project
Cost =$10-including floral foam
Time= 45 minutes MAX!

I will post more pictures soon, when I figure out where it is going to live this season.  You'll have to wait and see!

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Candace said...

You did such a great job! Isn't fall just grand?!

Jill said...

Cute!!! I really like those little berry things in there! Thanks for linking up!!