Thursday, September 2, 2010

What The Heck Wednesday Sneak Peak

In talking to my sis about my contribution to What The Heck Wednesdays, I searched high and low for a theme for the cards I'm making-which will end up as a prize for a very special winner!!!  I didn't know if they should be blank inside, Christmas themed, friendship....I'm very bad at making decisions.

So I started stamping this morning, hoping inspiration would strike.  IT DID!  I love quotes, it's probably half the reason I scrapbook.  I feel like so many of life's moments can be summed up with a great quote.  I like Oscar Wilde quotes in particular.  In fact one of the first cards I ever made for Ty was a hand sketched beer mug with the Oscar Wilde quote "Work is the curse of the drinking class".  Not only is it funny, it's super appropriate for an engineering student, which if you didn't know tend to party pretty hard in university.

Anyway, back to the theme.  I was thinking about some of my favourite love songs, since I was making a love card when it hit me.  Crooner Cards!  All of the cards I make for WTHW will have lyrics from a song by a crooner (Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, Harry Connick Jr, Michael Buble, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, maybe some Beatles even though they aren't crooners etc etc).  I will try my best to select lyrics that other people will recognize and appreciate! 

Here's a sneak peak!

That's all for now!

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