Friday, October 29, 2010

Pre Halloween Prep

OK, for someone as adverse to Halloween as I am, you might not believe it when you look at my house.  I wanted to make sure kids knew that we were participating in Halloween, so I thought I would decorate our house a bit....that's the fun-ness of having a house-I CAN DECORATE THE OUTSIDE!  Plus I mostly love decorating/themes, so I'm finally getting into the Halloween spirit. 

I bought my pumpkins today!

See how big they are!  I put that soup can there for reference!

I spooked-out the front of my house!  My theme is spiders and bats.   Spooky, but not scary for the little ones.

  I will definitely take pictures of the final product, complete with carved pumpkins!

And most importantly I made a Halloween Hit Mix.  I think the dancer/choreographer/producer/director in me comes out at Halloween, because I feel that music can create a mood that is unparalleled to anything else....well, except someone jumping out of a coffin on their front yard-which DEFINITELY happened in my neighbourhood when I was a kid! 
Not impressed!

Here's what Trick-or-Treaters will be hearing when they come to my house in no particular order
I will be editing these songs in Adobe Audition and creating one long party mix with Halloween sound fx between songs for seamless transitions...

1). Thriller-Michael Jackson (DUH)
2). Monster Mash
3).Abracadabra-Steve Miller Band
4). Somebody's Watching Me-MJ &Rockwell
5).Ghostbusters Theme Song
7). Season of the Witch-Donovan
8). Night on Bald Mountain-Disney's Fantasia (Intrumental)
9).Adam's Family Theme Song
10). Harry Potter Theme Song (Instrumental)
11). This is Halloween-Nightmare Before Christmas
12).People Are Strange-The Doors
13).Boris the Spider-The Who
14). Dark Knight Theme Song (instrumental)
      (very Thriller-like-I highly recommend listening to it!)
16). Halloween Theme (SUPER CREEPY!!!)
17). Purple People Eater

Are there any important songs you think I've missed???


Amy said...

The decorations are my favorite part of Halloween! (Well, that and cute spooky foods)

Jill said...

Love the idea of a music mix, if there was more time I'd tell you to ship me a cd. Or maybe send the whole thing as a zip file?? I don't know. lol

LOVED Rocky Horror Glee!!! Also, Threatened is da bomb!!