Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cheating Cookery

In discussion with my sis the other day, she told me that one of my blog followers, and incidently a pretty good friend of both me & Jill, said something to the effect of "Leslie cooks all the time-but she doesn't post recipes on her blog".  I had to laugh!  It's true-and I feel like I need to explain!

First off-I don't think that the
things I cook on a day to day basis
are very exciting, so I feel that
they're not really blog worthy. 
Does that make sense?....
I mean unless you want
a tutorial on how to make
KD (Kraft Dinner)....which BTW
you should try substituting
sour cream for milk when you make it! 

Secondly, I'm a big fat cheater!  Yeah sure, I cook a lot but I also cheat a lot! For example yesterday I made spaghetti and meat sauce.....I chopped up half an onion, 4 stalks of celery and sauted that in a sauce pan in oil.  Then I added ground beef and browned it with the veggies.  While this was all going down I put some water on to boil and threw in some white and whole wheat spaghetti....once the beef was browned I added some oregano and dumped in a jar of pre-made tomato/pasta sauce and simmered until the spaghetti was done.....I don't feel like that's blog worthy....I dunno?  I guess it is now, since I just posted my Cheater Spaghetti.  But I do cheat a lot.  I try to do enough mincing, dicing and stirring to make it feel like I actually made something.

Do you think this way of cooking is cheating?  Is it worth sharing?


Amy said...

Ooh, I always use sour cream instead of milk and margarine in my mac!
Cheater cooking sounds interesting; I like little tips that make things easier!

L.A. said...

Thanks Amy! I like to think that my "laziness" is more like efficiency! I'm efficient not lazy.