Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Andie's Awesome Salad

I am one of those lucky people who are fortunate to go to work with a friend everyday! It makes working less like work and more like collaborating or partnership. I am very lucky indeed to work with a most talented, caring, nurturing, truly genuine and humble person, Andie! She is truly amazing and loves food and cooking as much as I do! So I thought I would share with you Andie's Awesome Salad!

What You'll Need
Fresh mixed greens
Quartered tomatoes
Sliced cucumbers
Green onion
Roasted almonds
Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar

Cook the quinoa in beef broth to add extra flavor (I do this with rice and vegetable broth often). Once the quinoa is is cooled mix together with greens and other veggies. Toast almonds in a fry pan with some oil or butter, until browned. Add to salad. Toss with oil and vinegar in a ratio that is pleasing to you! Enjoy!

Andie brought this salad to work the other day, and I was jealous-as usual, she always brings great lunches. 
It looked so yummy and fresh-perfect for summer!

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