Friday, July 15, 2011

Inspiring quick fix

I love fresh flowers.  If I had the money to burn, I would buy fresh flowers every week for my house....but sadly I am saving for a wedding and I'm cheap.  Why buy something that's just going to die?  I can't justify it unless we're having a dinner party.  So I got to thinking....I started thinking that some of the weeds around my neighborhood could potentially look shabby chic if correctly used in a haphazardly arrangement. 

See I have 4 random vases that I decided to put on my kitchen table (all of my storage is currently filled... Until I get benches for my kitchen nook). I wasn't really feelin' the empty vases so while I was walking home today I decided to pick some weeds. Yes, mothers of the world, I picked weeds. And, possibly even worse, I arranged them on my kitchen table! I kinda love it!

Cute right?  You know what wasn't cute.....
the friend I had unknowingly brought into my house!

This little bumble must have been injured, or lazy, because I managed to cut off the flower stem, carry it into the house, up the stairs and pull and arrange the flowers into the vases.  And he contentedly hung out on the petals?!?!?!

I not so calmly grabbed the stem he was hanging out on, carefully took it out of the vase, opened the closest window and shook the flowers.  He landed on on my window box and started crawling round, instead of flying off.  He must have been injured....or drunk?  So, just be sure your flowers/weeds are free of stingy insects PRIOR to bringing them into the house!

What a great and CHEAP way to brighten up my kitchen!

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Jill said...

These do look super cute! Kinda that baby's breath look. Remember when we used to catch bees with Robyn? Good times. :P