Thursday, July 21, 2011

Silhouette Dreams

Ok so I don't actually have a Silhouette cutter-yet!  I am planning on getting one....or putting it on my registry...oh my gosh what a brilliant idea!  Anywho-my sister Jill bought one with her tax return refund, lucky duck.  So of course, my list of "Jilly please make this and send it to me" is growing daily. 

And here's my first request.
A giant letter "K" in vinyl.

 First things first....remember this hunk of junk?
I salvaged it from my old office = free! 
I just had to figure out something cute to do with it.....
Beautiful huh? 
It was part of What the Heck Wednesday a looooong time ago! 
And we got some great ideas. 
So I finally put one of those good ideas to work!  Only after I spray painted my tray did I go look at the graphic that was suggested!  So cute.  I always forget about the Graphics Fairy....I think I might spend the rest of my day on her site!

So here is the tray after
I know it's only spraypaint but I love it SO much more already!

 On Jill's advice I downloaded the Silhouette software onto my computer so I could make the design I wanted and then send it to her to cut out!

Here are my two favourite fonts

Which one do you like better?

I think I might have already made up my mind, but maybe someone can persuade me otherwise!  I will likely have to waterproof modge podge or spray a laquer over the final product to make sure the vinyl doesn't come off.  Any tips and tricks you've got about the subject are always greatly appreciated. 

Check back soon to find out which font a picked and how it looks all finished.

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Amy said...

Option 1! But mainly because option 2 reminds me of the font schools/teams use a lot...