Thursday, August 4, 2011

Salad Loving Guest Post

Today I am so thrilled to have the most wonderful Bev, from Flamingo Toes guest posting as a part of my 30 Days of Salad Series.  If you're keeping track we're at day 7.  Bev is amazing (for realz).  If you love jewelry you need to hit up her blog. 
She has the most amazing tutorials for knock off Anthropologie necklaces! 
So without further ado, here's Bev!
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Hi! My name is Bev and I blog over at Flamingo Toes.

I'm so excited to be here for Leslie's 30 Days of Salads series!!
I am always looking for new salads - especially this time of year.

I can't wait to try out some of her great recipes!

I have a weakness for Pasta Salad - of pretty much any sort.
This one is light and fun and has a great mix of flavors!

I call it my Summer-y Pasta Salad.

Try not to envy my super creative Recipe Naming Skills. ;)

It's full of tomatoes, spinach, bacon, feta, and yummy pasta!

Here's what you'll need to make it.

1/2 of a 16 oz box of Cavatappi Pasta (you can substitute whatever you've got on hand but I love these little curls)

1 pint of cherry tomatoes

3 slices of bacon, cooked

1/2 bunch of fresh spinach

3-4 oz crumbled feta cheese

1/4 cup garlic olive oil

1 teaspoon italian seasoning

a pinch of red pepper flakes - or more if you like it spicy

salt and pepper to taste

Start by cooking your pasta until it is just al dente. You want it cooked but still with a little bite to it.

Refrigerate until cool.

While your pasta is chillin, chop your bacon, spinach and cherry tomatoes.

Once your pasta is cooled, mix in your veggies, bacon and add the teaspoon of italian seasoning.

Add in your garlic olive oil, red pepper flakes and salt and pepper to taste. (Which means keep tasting until you have enough salt and pepper. My favorite step. :)

Fold in your Feta cheese gently.

And that's it!! Soooo easy right?

You can serve immediately or you can pop it back in the fridge until you're ready to eat!


I hope you like the salad and I'd love to hear if you give it a try!

Stop by Flamingo Toes sometime and say "hi" - you can check out my projects here (sewing, home decor, lots of knockoffs)!

Leslie thanks so much for including me in this great series!! :)
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Thanks so much Bev!  Those photos are total food porn!  This salad looks so fresh and has such a great combo of flavours without a super heavy creamy dressing!  I can't wait to try it.  Stay tuned for the next 30 Days of Salad post featuring a video of SIL and me making a Warm Quinoa Salad!


Beverly @ said...

Thanks so much for inviting me to guest post Leslie!! It was so fun and I love your 30 Days of Salad series! :)

Jill said...

Making this for supper tonight! Can't wait! :)

Jill said...
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Amy said...

Jill told me to make this for supper and it was amazing!! I ate two bowls full!