Thursday, September 8, 2011

Handmade Matroyshka Dolls

Have I mentioned that I'm marrying into a Ukrainian family.  Which really isn't that different than my German family (on my mum's side).  Well except for a few things...

Mennonites eat cottage cheese perogies
Ukrainians eat potato and cheddar
Mennonites don't drink or dance
Ukrainians are always drinking...which leads to dancing
Mennonite's LOVE cream gravy

Anyway.... one thing that both cultures share is the Matroyshka doll (Nesting Doll).  Which is actually a Russian doll but all those eastern European cultures are basically the same so there's bound to be cross over.  And when I saw this absolutely cute pattern for felt matroyshkas I KNEW I had to make them!  This is the first Pinterest project that I've completed! Feels good.

As with all projects, cutting the pattern is always the worst part-or is that just me?  Once that's done, start cutting the felt...

Pinning the pattern to the felt was really helpful!

In the original post, she used fabric glue to hold the pieces together while you stitch them...I didn't cuz I don't have any fabric glue....turned out fine!

Once you make one, it's really quite easy. 

1). Sew the face to the hood
2). Sew the hood to the belly
3). Embroider/sew felt decorations onto the belly
4). Sew the eyes, mouth and hair onto the face. 
5). Once the front is complete sew from the bottom right corner, all the way around to the left corner. TA DA!

Then stuff that dolly full!  And I mean full.  It's a little tough, but if you use a pencil to get the fibre in there, it's no problem.

I'm just so obsessed with these little gals!  They each take about 45 minutes to make (that includes me dropping my needle and trying to find it ...) I also attached a mini history of the Matroyshka onto each ornament.  I can't believe I'm already thinking about Christmas, but I'm going put one of these on every one's gifts this year!



the cape on the corner said...

this is such a great little extra to adorn gifts. love this, so cute!

Jen said...

This just made me miss my life in Russia 100 fold!!! I saw it on Blue Cricket (I am her makeup artist that posts on there every now and then) and FELL IN LOVE!!!!! I lived there for a few years and bought SO many of these to bring home. Every one called them stack up dolls ;). Thanks for posting this!

Spunky Junky said...

ahhh! I love these--seeing each of your dolls reminded me of my time in Russia. I featured you today on Spunky Junky!