Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Twig Vase

Another Pinterest inspired project.  Actually it was originally a Martha Stewart project but I found it on Pinterest.  This also happens to be a Stashbusting September project since I had left over twigs from the wreath I made last year! 
I was looking for something to so with those things!

It starts with a plain ole aluminum can which I wrapped in painter's towels from another project from last year. 
First I glued vertically along the length of the can.

Then I carefully glued around the bottom lip of the can and wrapped the fabric around.

Then I overlapped the fabric and glued it down, making sure to have a nice vertical seam. 

Next I folded over and glued the fabric inside the can to hide the sharp edges.  If you're planning to use this as a vase don't let the fabric go too far down into the can, or else it will get wet. 

Then start gluing those twigs.  This takes a lot of glue, so be sure to have extra glue sticks near by for refills!

Some twigs won't be perfectly straight which is why I covered the can, so even if there were gaps you wouldn't see metal.  I used some really small twigs to fill in large gaps once it was all done.  I recommend trying to line up the twigs before you glue them down to get a nice pattern and not have one really curved twig next to a perfectly straight one.

To make sure the twigs didn't scratch any tables, I cut and glued a piece of brown felt to fit the bottom of the can. 
Now it slides easily and won't leave a mark!

To finish it off, I tied a raffia ribbon around the vase and glued it on at the bow so it wouldn't slip.

I added a printable label which I coloured in and tied around the bow.  It's a perfect addition to the owl rock magnets, so I gave them both to the lucky Leah for her 25th b-day on Saturday!
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