Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Late Season Camping

So, I was a little preoccupied this summer with the whole 'getting married' thing.  It left very little time to do anything else.  I didn't finish teaching until late into June - BTW it rained ALL of June, or at least it felt like all of June!  Then it was July and I actually taught more than expected in July and then it was August!  And then I got married.

Now we're trying to get back into regular life (I realized we've only been home for 2 weeks!) and I decided we should go camping.  We haven't been camping in years...easily three.  So I researched where we should go.  I picked a campsite 4 hours away, Ty won with a site that was only 2.5 hours away.  We went to to E.C. Manning Provincial Park.  

On the road. A gorgeous drive!

We're here!

How to start an awesome fire!
Start with some newspaper and then gently stack your kindling alternating left to right and up and down.    Light the paper from underneath.  This is a fool proof way to start a fire and get it cracking! 

Ty looking very unimpressed with our tent.  And fair enough, it took us 2.5 hours to set it up.  That was my fault.  I tried about 20 different ways to put the poles in until Ty finally figured it out.
Setting up camp.  We're pretty basic as you can see.

Ty got me coming out of the tent as I transform into a lumberjack.  Yes, I'm Canadian.

A little beach time.  Ty had a lovely snooze.

The chipmunk who stole my graham cracker!  Well that's what I get for feeding them all afternoon.  He climbed right up onto the table and stole it right off my plate.  

Ty chills out.  What a handsome guy huh?

I got back at Ty for his sneaky pictures of me getting out of the tent.  It got chilly pretty quick, so we had to change into pants and hoodies.

Our picnic table.  I know it's cliche but I love my red and white checked tablecloth!

Another great way to start a fire.  The teepee version.

Ty demonstrates his incredible tightrope walking skills.

Homeward bound

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Amy said...

Good thing you brought an engineer or you would have had to sleep in your car!
Wish we could camp that late in September out here.
You two are cute as always!