Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Crochet Creations

Something happens to me when fall hits.  All I want to do is curl up with a blankie, a mug of tea and my crochet hook.  Oh I also couldn't bare to go on Pinterest after my wedding.  I kept seeing amazing wedding things that I shoulda/coulda/woulda.  It was very depressing to look at wedding stuff when my wedding was finished.  So I spent hours on Ravelry instead of Pinterest....equally time consuming.  
And boy did I find some awesome patterns

This was the first time I tried the puff stitch.  
I love everything about this headband *

I can't talk too much about these creations since some of them are gifts (and may or may not be upcoming giveaways!)  
But  I hope it will inspire you to pick up that crochet hook!

So cute right?  They're like crocheted Uggs!  I made a trial pair for myself that are too disfigured to show. 
Click here * for the pattern

 I love this cowl so much.  Both are so cozy I don't want to give them away.  Might just have to make one for myself!

If you don't crochet but would like some lovely homemade gifts (for yourself or others) feel free to contact me.  I know I don't have an Etsy store but I'm happy to make custom items for you at a reasonable price.  Just send me an email westcoastleslie(at)gmail(dot)com

*All pattern links are on Ravelry.com  You will need to sign in to view these patterns

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Heather said...

Fun projects! I may just have to try those booties for myself {{wink}}. Thanks for linking up!!

Amy said...

That cowl is adorable!!