Monday, January 28, 2013

DIY Photo Board

I know I'm not the first person to post a tutorial like this.  But I totally upcycled my old bulletin board and I'm pretty darn proud of it.  You know I had one of those half cork board half white boards, but it was quite old and the white board was worse for wear and you couldn't erase anything from there anymore.  I had been wanting to make a photo board for a while (I've made two now) so I finally had some time to make mine.

Here's how I did it.

I took pillow stuffing/batting and sort of glued the batting down so that it wouldn't move too much.

I measured some burlap, laid it down and then put the board down, batting side down.  Then I placed strategic hot glue dots along the edges before using upholstery tacks to secure it.

It's just the back so don't worry about making it look too nice.  Just make sure it's secure. Because my batting was so puffy I really reamed on the burlap to make it as tight as possible.

Here's the back and the front. 
Sorry the burlap is basically the same colour as my flooring!

Then I turned it over and started laying out my ribbon.  
A note: if you don't know how much ribbon you have, start with the longest ribbon from corner to corner.  
I attached them with hot glue.

Then I went the other way!  Thank goodness I had SO much ribbon.  It was a long spool.  I would recommend buying 2 rolls of ribbon just to be safe!  My board was 24" across and 17" high.

The next step is to put the tacks where the ribbon crosses.

Because I used so much batting (it was pouffy) I knew the tacks wouldn't stay in.  So I decided to put a little hot glue where the ribbon crossed and then pushed the tack in as far as it would go.

Ready for the final product?!?!?!
A big thank you to everyone who sent me Christmas cards that I used here!  It wouldn't look nearly as lovely without your beautiful faces!  Now I just need to find a place to hang it.  It will most likely be going in the kitchen, I'm just not sure where yet.

Have you made a ribbon photo board? 
I'd love to see it.

Sew Chatty

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Amy said...

That looks really good! It makes me want to give it a try on my old tack board that is currently sitting in my closet...