Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gramma's Mini Album

This was my first foray into mini albums.  I was lucky enough to snag a mini chipboard album at Michael's for half price (SCORE!)  My plan was to make a mini album for my Gramma for Christmas, but things were so hectic I never got around to putting the pictures down on the chipboard.

I printed my pics at those instant Kodak picture printers at Walmart/grocery stores.  Definitely not the highest quality prints, but relatively cheap and I kinda liked that the prints were so thin.  The cool thing that Jilly taught me was to create a collage in PicMonkey so I could print mini pictures at the kiosk for the mini album.  I highly recommend that.

Here's the finished product.

Everyone coordinated their outfits (without planning) which made making the album super easy.  I could use matching and coordinating colours.  Primarily coral, purple and beige.

That's my family.  Well almost all of them.  I'm missing an Aunt & Uncle, three cousins, and five second cousins.  Ok so thats 10 people I'm missing.  And my Dad too.

(Like that grey Washi Tape?  Me too.  
I got it a Downtown Tape!)

I'm kinda hooked on making mini albums.  Luckily I'mm be making another one for my flower girl as a keepsake!

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Connie said...

Beautiful scrapbooking :) Stopping by to say hello!