Monday, February 25, 2013

Hostess Gift

This past weekend I was flying solo since Ty was out in Edmonton for a work conference.  A girlfriend of mine hosted an Oscar Party, which made me pretty excited because I love parties and making goodies for others.  For food I made my Mum's awesome Spinach Dip but I thought it would be sweet to make a hostess gift for Lindsay.

Here's my recipe for Sugar & Coconut Scrub

I melted a generous amount to coconut oil in a clean jar and added some brown sugar to it.
I mixed it together and added about 1 cup of white granulated sugar to the mix.

As you can see I tried to mix it in the jar.  
Don't be fooled-you can't! I moved it to a bowl which made life a lot easier.

In the bowl I added some glycerin, almond oil and vanilla extract.  I eyeballed it-there's not real recipe.  And it depends if you like really goopy soupy scrub or something a little more sandy.  The vanilla gives the scrub an amazing scent, along with the coconut oil.

With a spatula I transfered the scrub back into the jar. 

Then I gussied up the jar a little bit with some butcher paper and washi tape.

I even put some washi tape across the top like a seal to make it look official.

She really liked it.  We had a great time.
Here's some of the food we made :)

I was most pleased about Christophe Waltz winning for Best Supporting Actor!  That was the biggest award to me.  If you haven't seen Django Unchained, you really should.  I will admit that there are scenes that are difficult to watch, but so good!

In so far as fashion, I really think alot of people played it safe, which is kinda sad.  The worst dressed definitely goes to Jane Fonda, Halle Berry,  and Melissa McCarthy :(  I love Melissa and I'm so proud of her but this dress was all wrong!  And all I have to say about Jane and Halle's dresses is "1983 called, it wants it's clothes back".

Best dressed was tough because everyone looked OK.  There were a lot of dresses I liked (what was with the tails this year?  Jennifer Garner and Charlize Theron I'm looking at you!)  My best dressed are Jessica Chastain (again not a HUGE fan of all the uber pale/flesh coloured dresses but this one was lovely) Olivia Munn (who I usually do not like but this dress killed!),  and to round out the pack Mr Daniel Day-Lewis!  The man wore a navy suit! Class, class, class and handsome!

I'd love to hear your best and worst dresses.  Am I way off base?  Or do you think I got it right?
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Isabelle Thornton said...

What a cool post, party and scrub! I would love if you link this wonderful post to my party. It is open until Easter and I will Feature as we go on Facebook and Pinterest. XO