Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Survived the First Dance Competition

The first dance competition of the season always make me nervous.  But once my first students dance, I'm much more calm after that.  Dance is hard because many people view it as an art form and therefore it shouldn't be subject to scoring or judging.  So I always know the judging is going to be subjective and I try to keep that in mind...and remind my students of that too.  I'm very proud of my students (obvi) and now I'm going to show off.

Evacuate the Dance Floor - Intermediate Jazz Solo
High Silver

Spanish Rose -  Intermediate Stage Solo
High Gold and 4th Place Overall High Score

Gee I Wish I Was Back in the Army - Stage Group
High Gold

The Fame - Intermediate Jazz Duo
High Silver

Revenge of the Geisha - Jr Competitive Jazz
High Gold

I've got another competition next week-it's longer than this one (read: More spaced out meaning I have to be there more often. Boo)  But at least this next competition is well run and organized, they treat the teachers great, even with a teachers room with free water, coffee and food!  I'm looking forward to it.

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