Sunday, June 23, 2013

Salad Sunday- Not Your Average Chicken Salad

I finally got around to shopping for groceries this past week and was so excited to eat real food.  It's been a busy spring for me with dance competitions, preparing for recital, and then a whole recital weekend, but I'm done teaching...well until July 8th.  So I have time to prepare real food!

Not Your Average Chicken Salad
1 boneless, skinless, chicken breast
salt and pepper
2 stalk of celery, halved length wise and then shopped
1 tbls sun-dried tomatoes, in oil
Miracle Whip (or mayonnaise) to personal preference

So you can grill or fry your chicken breast.  I cut mine in half so that is was thinner and could faster and more evenly.  Season with salt and pepper as you cook and flip the chicken.

While that's cooking, dice up your celery and toss it in a bowl.  Once the chicken is cooked and cool enough to handle, chop it up and throw it in with the celery.  Add in your sun-dried tomatoes and toss with Miracle Whip.  That's the secret ingredient-sundries tomatoes!  So great.  Mix until thoroughly combined.

Serve on a flour tortilla with fresh romaine lettuce and salt and pepper!  YUM!

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