Monday, September 9, 2013

My Best Friend's Wedding

So I just barely got home from Europe and  a week later I was flying back East (but not as far as Europe) to Saskatoon for my best friends wedding (that's her with me at my wedding last year).  I have known this girl for close to 20 years - I couldn't miss it.

"I didn't eat all that cake!"

This is my fave picture!  Ashley (bride) and her sister Whitney (far right) danced with Jill (green dress) and me (pink dress) when we were kids/teens.  So we had to take this "Juliettes Dance Centre" picture.  I miss these girlies SO much, it was great to be all together again.

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Brandi said...

That's so awesome that you could be there for your friend. You both look so stunning on your wedding days.