Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter Wreath

Usually I'm talking about yarn, and hooks, and crocheting, but today I'm actually sharing an easter wreath I made.  It was pretty quick to put together - it had to be because my life is ramping into high gear, it's competition time!  But first the wreath....

I had purchased those plastic refillable easter eggs from Target.  48 for like $3?  Sweet deal!  Then I picked up a foam wreath from Michaels for $9.99.  Thankfully I had a 20% off coupon, so I actually paid $8 (still too much for foam, but whatever!)  

I started by wrapping some pink, sparkly ribbon I had on hand around the wreath.  Silly me I thought it would get all the way around...NOT!

Ha ha ha, silly me.  Then I decided to wrap washi tape around the bare foam so you couldn't see the white through the eggs.

I also wrapped the washi tape around the eggs to give them a bit more punch!  Plus, I have a lot of washi tape ;) Then I just glued the eggs around the bottom of the wreath.  

And here's the final product!

I love it so much.  Because of the foam base it's super light AND it was quick and inexpensive to put together. It's such a great pop of colour on my grey front door! Happy Easter.

Have you made an Easter wreath?  Be sure to leave me comment with a link to you project-I'd love to see it!

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Shannon Molnar said...

Isn't foam at Michaels ridiculous?! I was floored when I went for a 'cheap' tree form for a 'cheap' Xmas craft. Boy was I surprised!