Monday, September 22, 2014

When is a Scarf not a Scarf?

Don't get me wrong.  I love scarves.  Infinity scarves in particular.  They're all I make.  I think everybody looks good in an infinity scarf AND no pesky ends hanging around.  I never know what to so with those ends-do you?   Anyways, I like things to be functional and versatile, while still ensuring I look cute doing it.  I mean if you can check all those boxes, I think you've got a winner.
Today, I wanted to show you all the different ways you can wear a West Coast Leslie infinity scarf!

Depending on the length, you can wear it long-like a statement necklace.  Works great with a casual white tee shirt and jeans.

Most of the scarves I make are super long and wide.  Making them a perfect make-shift hood.  Especially in Vancouver, when you never know when it's going to rain.  It's also good for keeping your hair style in tact.

In a lot of places fall weather changes every 5 minutes. Often it's not cool enough to wear a full jacket, but you can't go walking around in a t-shirt?!  That's when you can turn your scarf into a vest!

And my personal favourite, just a classic, double wrapped around the neck.  Whether you like a bit more hang or more of a cowl feel, up around your ears, there's nothing that beats the cozy feeling of your favourite scarf.

Which is your favourite way to wear your scarf?
Leave me a comment and let me know!

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