Monday, June 1, 2015

We're Here to Pump - YOU up!

That's right!  Ok, so I don't look like Hanz & Franz aka Kevin Nealon and Dana Carvey, but I love to pump people up!  Mostly I love to pump up other craftipreneurs, to encourage them to take a leap of faith!  But with good, solid information behind them!  No crazy, get rich quick schemes here!
I recently encouraged the lovely Sherri, from Wild and Raven to apply for Make It! Vancouver.  She was nervous. - the time and financial commitment to participate in Make It! is more than your average craft fair.  But what did she have to lose?  Not getting in?  Psh! She was no worse off if that's how it turned out.

I stressed to her that it was a crucial step to apply, just to do it.  Going out of your comfort zone, trying something new, is sometimes best attempted with kind encouragement. I know I always appreciate a cheerleader, even if it's the server saying I made a good dinner selection. I walked Sherri through how to look at the financial side, without having a panic attack, and how to view her sales in manageable goals.  The best part is that Sherri applied and... drum roll please....SHE GOT IN! And now she gets to be a part of one of Vancouver's largest, best publicized and well attended craft markets!  Booyeah Sherri!I want to encourage MORE craftipreneurs to follow their dreams!  I know a lot of amazing people who make lovely things, but are too scared to make a go of it.  I have years of experience in retail and marketing with some of the best known brands in Canada and I've learned a lot!  And I want to help you find your brand, your passion, and love within your business!If you're interested in taking your hobby or crafty biz to the next level, email me!  Message me on Facebook. Get at me on Instagram.  I'm around!  I am booking sales coaching sessions throughout the summer and I'm available for in person and FaceTime meet ups!  I am relatable, funny, and realistic, but best of all I know what you do.  The hours of work you put in to be a craftipreneur, the passion you have behind your craft, and I really want to help make your biz more profitable.  PLEASE don't hesitate to contact me!  Let's make this Christmas craft season your best yet!

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