Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Spread the Love

As you may or may not have noticed, I've started writing a bit more frequently here on the ole blog...something I hope I can keep up (funnily enough the original title of my blog was Try To Keep Up!)  But with the super delayed spring, and just the world in general, I felt like I should spread some cheer!

If you have met me in person you have, no doubt, realized I am a smiley, goofy, big-laugh kinda girl.  I want everyone to have a good time and feel like they're "in on the joke".  And sometimes being in this #craftipreneuer #solopreneur world can get kinda isolating. 

And then I remembered something. A while back (ok like a long time ago), I read a realistic post about this one blogger's struggles & I empathized with her on so many levels.  So I reached out to her and basically gave her a virtual pat on the back.  And she emailed me back (!), thanking me for, what I considered, a tiny gesture. But what a HUGE difference it made in both our lives.

We tend to boost our friends or our tribes and rarely venture outside of those protective circles.  And for good reason.  We gather people around us that we trust and feel safe with.  But could you imagine if a peer from OUTSIDE your circle commented on something you did? Something you posted.  With genuine feeling? 

So I'm challenging all bloggers, craftipreneurs, mompreneurs, solopreneurs, basically anyone who reads this to go outside your tribe, find someone who inspires you, or posted a cool vid, or has a great product and tell them.  Honestly.  No emojis.  Just real talk. Direct message them.  Email them. 
Let's call it....a Random Act of Real-ness

A Random Act of Real-ness can be anything. Maybe feature someone who needs some exposure?  Write an email to that "big time" blogger you admire.  Send a hand made card (or even e-card) to one of your followers?  We're all "regular" people.  Even the people who we think have "made it big", or are "more Insta famous" than us. They are totally normal humans, just like you and me!  So go ahead! Tell someone you like them.

I hope I can inspire you to spread a little love outside of your regularly scheduled programming.  If you decide to get involved, copy and save and post the Random Act of Real-ness image! XOXOXO Happy Tuesday!

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