Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ouch Town-Population ME!

So I went to Jazz last night at a popular Vancouver dance studio with 2 of my best girlfriends...who have danced with me in the past! Now, God love her, but my BF Ashley, who hasn't done any commercial dancing for 6 years, continually had to remind us that she had been away for that long. Talk about a drama Queen! Yet she still whipped out the splitz (both right and left) and nailed several double pirouettes?!??! Talk about overdramatic.... She later mentioned to our poor Starbucks barista that she thought she might be bleeding internally-insert eye roll here.

However, I have yet to find out how she is faring today....I am curious to know if she can walk! :P My back is sore, and my hamstrings a little bit, but I'm pretty good overall. And it was an amazing feeling to be back in class, not to mention sweaty. Very fun combo, challenging cross floor work plus my fave jumps (barells, straight legs and bent!!! AWESOME SAUCE). So thanks Moe...I will definately be back next Monday!

After 2 years of hell at SFU, I finally remember why I love dancing. Because it's fun! ANd it's supposed to be fun!!!! So I am back on track to becoming a Jazz Bunny full of Saskatchewan Jazz Punch! Take that Modern with a capital "M"

Always: LA

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