Friday, June 6, 2008

Bottom Line

So....thanks to an hour break at my job I was able to gain some perspective on my future. I currently teach dance at a relatively small studio which doesn't have....shall we say, the calliber of dancers/sutdents that I prefer to work with. IE) leave your shit at the door, come to class ready to work and we'll all learn something and have some fun. SO I'm on the unofficial job hunt. Hopefully things will start to pick up over the weekend, even though I am CRAAZY busy getting costumes for dance! UGH...this is what happens when 2 new students start in MAY in 75% of your classes. I really hope that what I had initially wanted them to wear will still be available in stores. OMG. Ahywho, here's to hoping that I will find a great new studio and be happy until Meagan opens her own and I can go work for her!

Creat murder on the Dance Floor!

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