Thursday, July 24, 2008

Why America doesn't deserve the vote

Ok, This is not a political rant, as I tend to do. This is about the idiocrisy of the American public. And yes, I'll say it Americans don't deserve to vote.........on reality television. Who ever thought that the American public could be left to make any sort of decision about art or artistic talent. Case in point-So You Think You Can Dance.

Now let's all keep in mind that I am a graduate of post secondary institution from which I have a degree in Dance, so I might know a bit about the subject!??!?! On wednesday I watched some of the most talented dancers, I've ever seen, perform. Granted there was some choreography that was down right BRUTAL, but we're not judging the choreography, we're judging the dancers. And they were great. I saw a freakishly accurate James Brown solo, an amazing lyrical hip hop duo, a sassy rumba and yet America still didn't get it right. After I finished watching the show I said to my sister in law, " I think Comfort and Joshua or Mark should go". Clearly America and I do not have similar opinions on dance....or quality dancing for that matter. Tonight, as we all know, Will, Twitch and Courtney were 3/4 of the bottom pack!?!?!??! Pardon me, but WHAT THE FUCK. Those three are without a doubt 3 of the most talented dancers on that show. And I know dance, I have a degree and a 3.5 GPA to back it up. Yet America chose to keep "spazzie mcgee" Mark, Cute as a button Chelsea, and big butt Joshua. (Ok I have a little love for big butt Joshua, since I too have a big butt!) But this awful choice on behalf of the American public just goes to show that regular joes don't know their ass from a hole in the ground? Who thought it was a good idea to let these people decide talented people's futures?!!!?! As if life was not enough of a popularity contest, that we now put the nation's talent on display, only for the country to say, "you're not cute enough" or "you're hair is ugly"? Notice how some of the worst singers always end up in the final 3 on Canadian/American Idol. It's a gong show of idoits voting for the cute boy!!!

You know when your toilet is busted, you're probably not going to fix it youself, cuz chances are you know dick all about plumbing. So what do you do, you call in the professionals. So let's take that advice to heart and quit giving America the right, nay the power, to even allow themselves to think for one iota of a nanosecond that they have any say in who is a talented artist and who is not.

Will from SYTYCD: I know you will never read this post, but I truly believe you are the most talented and versatile dancer on that show. You should have been #1, but I know you will go on to have an amazing career. All the best!

Get a grip! Movement never lies. It is a barometer telling the state of the soul's weather to all who can read it. -Martha Graham And I'm telling you the American people CANNOT read it!

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