Thursday, July 22, 2010

Organize My Life

So being addicted to Michael's and the fact that I get coupons in the mail, EVERY WEEK, I thought I should finally use said 40% off coupon and buy something 'expensive'.  SO I DID.  I purchased a "Ribbon and Accessories Organizer" from the Craft Storage Collection.

The instructions said it only takes 15 minutes to put together.  Well I'm not "Pregnant....with Power Tools" so it might take longer.  I was hoping it would all come together.
Keep twisting! PS this is my basement/den/craft room/room full of stuff we haven't unpacked.  Luckily I have only lived here for about 6 months.

Half way there.....starting to resemble the picture!

TA DA!  All done.  I especially love the boxes that are in the bottom shelf.  They could have designed it with one long drawer, but it's 2 smaller ones, which is WAY more practical :)
Here it is in all it's glory.  Set up and ready to be used.  I have it precariously sitting on a shallow pony wall above my desk.  It does over hang a bit, but it's fine.  Below is my craft area with all my shoe boxes (still need shelves) and my little slice of crafty heaven.

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Jill said...

So jealous that you have a craft room. *sigh* one day...