Thursday, July 8, 2010

So much for that idea....back on track

Well as imagined, life went into hyper drive, and I literally haven't been on a computer for like 2 weeks!  Insane right? 

So I was in Saskatchewan for a funeral.  Emotional weekend to say the least.  Always a difficult situation, becuase (in this case) it wasn't even a family members (by blood relation), but I was still very upset.  I hate funerals more than the average person and am hyper/uber emotional.  I"m glad that I went becuase even though it was an awful reason to get together, I did get a chance to see a lot of friends and family, and that was worth it.  Infact I got to see people I hadn't seen since Christmas-so that was very nice.  Did a little bit of shopping with my Dad (ah, seperated parents.  Even when you're 26 there are some benefits to it....It's just that I don't live in the same city as my immeidate family so when I go home I do get treated well-including small presents)  I also got to see my girlfriend Ashley who I've known since I was 10 (yikes 16 years!!!!) She is moving to Ottawa in the fall which is upsetting-as if Saskatchewan wasn't far enough away from Vancouver!?!?!?

I even watched SYTYCD and wrote down a whole bunch of great info from 2 episodes ago to post...I was so prepared.....honestly I was!  But since today is Wednesday I am supposed to be talking about Glee, which although it is only living in re-runs and the DVD of the 2nd half of the first season isn't availalbe until September (SERIOUSLY?!?!??!) I will discuss the Glee CD I bought the other day.  Yes I am still one of those crazy people who buys cds.  While I was at HMV I ordered the Promises, Promises OST and DAmn Yankees OST.  Can you tell I enjoy Musical Theatre?

GLEE The Music Volume 3 Showstoppers Deluxe Edition
(There is an alternate version that does not have as many songs as the Deluxe version!)

Track 1  Hello, Goodbye
New Directions give this Beatles song an update.  Personally I think that this type of 'pop song' works for show choir (or choir in general).  Ther fill out the musicality through their harmonies and overall it's a nice arangement.  Not terribly unique, but hey don't mess with the Beatles.

Track 2 Gives You Hell
This is sort of a weird choice to have a female sing-but it was appropriate within the context of the show...sort of.  Mr Shue gave the kids an assigment about the word "HELLO" and this is what Rachel comes up with....not convincing, but fun and peppy.  However the more I listen to Lea Michele, the more I feel that she's loosing the round openness of her tone (Broadway style) and embracing the nasal pop sound! BOO!  In this song in particular she's quite nasal, but I think that's becuase the song is written for a guy and the key they used isn't great for a female voice.  The overall product is nasal, whiney and not powerful.

Track 3 Hello
I do love me some Lionel Richie.  Is the original song cheesy? Yes.  Is the Glee version cheesy?  Possibly even more so?  Will I even listen to it without giggling?  Probably not.  Did it need to be included on this CD? Not for me.

Track 4 A House is Not A Home
I am VERY attached to this song.  I cried watching Kurt (Chris Colfer) sing this in the show and I am still near tears when I try to sing along.  This song was originally recorded by Dionne Warwick.  I have not heard any other versions, and I'm not sure I want to.  I truly love this song.  I think Chris' voice is well suited to it and the emotion is real.

Track 5 One Less Bell to Answer/A House is Not A Home
Remember the episode where April stays over at Mr Shue's house...well then you'll remember this song.  I like it more now than I did in the episode.  I just enjoy hearing two veteran Broadway stars sing a great song.  It's mournful, soulful, and I love it.  I also enjoy singing along to Kristin Chenowith!

Track 6 Beautiful
I appreicated the message that was sent when Mercedes sang this in the show, but I am SO over this song....and nothing beats the version that Damien (too gay to function) performs at the CHristmas showcase in Mean Girls!

Track 7 Home
I don't remember where this was in the show.  Clearly it didn't stand out...but who doesn't love Kristin Chenowith?!?!?!
Track 8 Physical
OMG! I almost peed when I heard this.  I wasn't sure if Jane Lynch was gonna be on this version.  She totaly was!  I would buy the album for this song alone!  Sue Sylvester is the bomb, and she sounds fine on this track.  The use of VoCoder actually kinda works and I like it in this version.  It's a little edgier than ONJ's original album.

Track 9 Total Eclipse of the Heart
If you can listen to this song and NOT sing the dirty lyrics from "Old School", well you're better than me.  This song is a a good way I think.  I can't take it seriously.

Track 10 Lady is a Tramp
Always surprised by Puck's (Mark Salling) voice.  Loved Sweet Caroline, loved the season finally duo with Mr Shue and I like this too!!!!  Sammy's song is great, Puck is great, Mercedes is great.  I love this song.  I was very pleased to hear a more 'traditional' B-Way song on the show!!!  Granted I am a Rat PAck fan to begin with so I might be slightly biased.  You won't be able to stop tapping your toes when you hear it!

Track 11 One
I am not a U2 fan, but this version makes it bareable.

Track 12 Rose's Turn
Again, if you didn't cry during this song, you might not have a heart.  While Kurt's version of Mellancamp's "Little Pink Houses" didn't make the cut, this song did and I'm SO glad it did.  Theatrical, emotional, sung with guts-there's not much to hate about this song.  It also shows Colfer's chops as a singer, which up till now weren't really showcased.  I actually didn't think he could sing as well as he does.  I think it was a great song and truly helped progress the story line of the show...which to me is key to any musical.  If the songs aren't integral to the storyline and/or advancing of the plot then why is it a musical???

Track 13 Dream On
NPH & Matthew Morrison. Faboosh!  Love the song, love the singers, I just love it love it love it :)  The context within the show was good, providing some humour, but also towing the "follow your dreams" story line.  Ok, we just love Neil Patrick Harris....and then I remembered that he's done RENT, and that made me even more proud of him.  Seriously what can't this guy do!  I hope he comes back for another guest appearance....

Track 14 Safety Dance
I was thoroughly upset when this song ended up being a day dream (ugh-yes I believe in blind hope and optimism and thought for a minute that maybe Artie really could walk and dance!)  I like that it's riffing on the Flash Mobs that people have beeninspired by Glee (among other things) so that was topical.  This version is a little edgier than the original and I like it.  I also appreciate that a 'secondary' character got a big song and big dance.  Kevin McHale is really good-his voice sounds good, I can understand the lyrics.  2 thumbs up.  I also enjoyed the big choreographed dance number-I live for those and will be practicing it in my living room-you're welcome to nerd out with me!

Track 15 I Dreamed a Dream
Anyone who has done a little research knows that Lea Michele has been in Les Mis (not this character).  I like the song for what it is-classic musical theatre sung well.  This is the song for Musical Theatre nerds (me included) who also love Idina Menzel!

Track 16 Loser
As Tyler said "This is by far the best song on the CD".  Well we all have our opinions.  I thought this song was funny.  It's from the episode where Puck and Finn (Huck I just made that connection) start working part time at Sheets & Things with Terry (Will's ex)  I like these 2 boys and it was nice to have a Beck song included. Two thumbs up.

Track 17 Give Up The Funk
Hmmmm what to say.  I love funk music but this song doesn't really cut it!  As Tyler said "they un-funkified the song", which I kinda have to agree with.  The arangement is nice, and it's still a fun song, but I don't know that funk songs mesh well with show choir.  Something along the lines of Jackson 5 would have worked better...but I still crank this song.

Track 18 Beth
I don't listen to this song.  It's sappy, it's slow, and it was used in the show to further plot and story line.  Definately skip ahead!

Track 19 Poker Face
I have to admint I DID NOT like this song the first time I heard it in the show.  But it's growing on it's hard to hate Idina Menzel.  I thought the arrangement was interesting and it is great to finally hear the lyrics and realize how CRAZY they are (Lady Gaga is messed up-who talks about "glue gunnin'?)  And of course the point of this song in the show was the "I'm Motherless" lyrics sang over and over by Rachel and Shelby (Rachel's biological mum).  Ok Ryan Murphy-we get it, Rachel is not getting her biological mother!

Track 20 Bad Romance
Kinda love it!  You can't listen to this song and not imagine the costumes and production that went into the piece!  ThHe only unbelievable part is when Rachel admits that her gay Dads don't know how to sew...I THINK NOT!  The song is great-it is show choired up enough (ie enunciation so I can understand what they're singing) but they keep enough of the original feeling of the song.

And that's the CD!  It's available to purchase now (clearly cuz I own it)  You can also DL it on iTunes!

"By it's very definition, Glee is about opening yourself up to joy."
Lillian Alder, former McKinley high Glee Club Director

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