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So You Think You Can Dance...injured

It's Thursday, and I am ready to talk SYTYCD!

So I'm watching the opening and right way I'm like "WHERE'S ALEX!??!??!"  I was kinda pissed they didn't address it right away from the top of the show, but Kat did mention it and Nigel explained what had happened.  Even more disturbing is that they showed a video of Adechike & Alex in can literally see when the Achilles pops; Alex' foot just turns to rubber and flops in the air!!  So needless to say Alex wasn't performing (boo) and Nigel tells us that if he can't dance next week he's automatically out of the competition!??!??!  WTF. Seriously-there have been injuries before and those kida have not faced elimination....not fair!

Anywho, Kat explains that they're 'changing the format' (really again?) and the contestants are going to partner with an all-star for 1 dance and then with one of their competitiors for another dance.  No solos?  I'm not heartbroken about the's kinda like watching the same thing over and over.  No one is super impressive in their solos anyway (how many times can I watch Billy Bell high kick-honestly?).

First we have Lauren & Pasha with a Cha Cha choreographed by Jean Marc Genereaux aka Mr Creepy!!!!  My first thought is why?  Why do the stylists/wardrobe continue to put these girls in dresses that will get caught on their heels? Ugh.  Luckily Lauren had no costume issues this week-as repeatedly mentioned by the judges....gee thanks for the feedback.  The song was questionable (Lady Gaga & Beyonce Telephone) and Pascha's costume was laughable (he looked straight out of Footloose).  I did't feel there was enough footwork for a Cha Cha and some moments were too slow, which played to Lauren's stregnth, since she is not a ballroom dancer.  The more I thought about it the more Lauren's dress looked awful-horse mane in the back....something else in the front.  Seriously?  Why did that fabric hang in her crotch, between her legs?  How irritating.  BUT the judges loved it and Mia called it "pure murderation".

Second Jose & Lauren with a Contemporary Dance by Mandy Moore
I liked the clasped hand pulses at the beginning, that moment really stood out.  I really liked Lauren's costume-it looked like a costume I could actually use in a show at a studio, so I appreciated that.  The 'balances' I use the term loosely, were too fast and straight out ugly with no liquidity.  I feel that Mandy choreographed some flexed feet for Lauren in order to hide Jose's lack of technique, and it clearly worked because Nigel raved about Jose's feet and lines!??!?! Apparently we weren't watching the same dance.  Had Billy performed the way Jose did it wouldn't be acceptable.  I think the judges are being WAY TOO EASY on Jose (as Kat mentions later in the show).  It always happens, the hip hoppers and the B boys get away with murder becuase they have no formal training-drives me crazy!  The facials at the end were probably the strongest moment and I did agree with the judges that Jose was a good partner.

Next up was Kent & Comfort with a Dave Scott Hip Hop Routine
LOVE!!! love love love.  If you weren't crunching on Kent before-you are now!  How friggin cute was he?  Seriously he came out and I was like "Hello Mini Justin Timberlake!" (who I also adore).  It was the first time I"ve seen Comfort in a feminine role-which I liked.  The piece was very cool, MJ (Michael Jackson) inspired and musical.  I liked it!  I was shocked at the lack of cheering for Kent's windmills and stall (freeze).  THe fake kiss at the end made me laugh, and I realized that my cheeks hurt by the end of the routine I was smiling so much.  Adam said that Kent "embraced the small" (which I agree with). Great routine!

Adechike & Courtney performed a Mandy Moore Jazz dance
Again, not a true jazz piece.  Seriously this show should be called So You Think You Can Contemporary Dance!!! Loved the duck lips in the opening with Adechike and hated Courtney's 1980's prom dress inspired costume! Gross.  WAY too much ass, not enough substance.  The piece felt more like a Broadway piece than jazz (why can't choreographers make a jazz piece.  Seriously?)  Although once they got off the prop bar and started dancing in unison, it was jazzy and it was good, albeit WAY TOO short.  What got me the most was that Courtney pulled out a wedgie as she walked off stage left at the end of the dance!  Strip her of her all star status.  Lauren didn't even touch her dress as it came apart last week!  Surely Courtney you can manage a wedgie?  Apparently not.  I agree with Nigel's critque that there needed to be MORE dancing.  Mia thought Adechike relied on personatily and his performance was mediocre-I agree but only becuase the choreography WAS GARBAGE!  Adam said Adechike didn't go far enough (true) and said that the choreography trapped him....yeah-cuz it was shitty.  Not Adechike's fault.  THOUGHT: maby choreographer's should only be allowed to create 1 dance per week so we don't have to sit through shitteous crap.

Billy Bell and Allison were scheduled to do a Broadway number from hottie mc-hot-stein B Way choreographer Spencer something or other (If i find his real name I"ll put it in).
Welcome to the week of injuries.  Allison was injured so Katie stepped in.  I know a lot of SYTYCDers love Katie, but I don't and was kinda sad.  Granted I thought that she and Billy were a good pair and danced well together.  This was one case where the competitor actually outshined an 'all star".  I loved that they did Macavity from Cats.  Cats is my all time favourite musical and I was SO happy to have a TRUE broadway piece/music on the show.  I felt the chemistry was non existant and Billy was technically stronger than Katie.  The close up of Billy's face is starting to drive me mental.  Dear SYTYCD Producers-get that kids some Crest white strips!!!! Seriously-it's sics me out.  Spencer's choreography was great.  I didn't like how the judges are trying to "out do" each other's comments-it's getting old REAL FAST.  Adam Shankman, I love you but stop saying dude!  I didn't agree with the judges comments about the connection to Katie.  I"m also getting sick of Adam telling the contestants to "watch it back".  In the real dance world you get one shot, and rarely does someone video your performance every night.  Hate it.

Ashley & Dominic were up next with a NappyTabs asian inspired Hip Hop dance
Two super overrated dancers.  I don't have much love for either of them.  Also in the video clip the dance sounded like a knock off of Mr &Mrs Smith-OMG been there done that.  But it was better than that.  I really liked that NappyTabs used Ludicris How Low, liked the fog/smoke and the opening was really strong.  I liked the arm work, very intricate and sharp.  I really appreciate that Tabitha & Napoleon can make a true hip hop dance but still infuse it with a theme/style and it doesn't take away from the fact that it is still a hip hop dance!  I felt Ashley needed more plie (get down...the song is called how low?)  I felt the energy die a little bit 3/4 of the way through and over all it was just ok.  I didn't think Ashley hit hard or sharp enough with her arms (watch the slo mo-it's so sloppy) so I have to disagree with the judges.

Robert & Kathryn did a jazz/contemp piece by Sean Cheesman
I really like this dance. The concept (Barbie dolls) was super cute, complete with tru to life costumes (I had a barbie in the EXACT outfit Kathryn was wearing!) and plastic movement. It is not the most original idea-being trapped, escaping from 'the box' living on the edge, breaking out from convetion...but the Barbie twist was kinda great. Kathryn out danced Robert a bit, and was definately more musical, but overall I thought the dance was great. Good lines, great characterization. High five!

Next was Adechike & Alex with a Bollywood routine from Nakul.
PS Nakul is SO COOL!
But as we found out, Alex is supah injured and so Nakul's assistant stepped in.  I loved Adechike's smile and it looked like he thoroughly enjoyed dancing the piece. It was easy to see how Alex cuold have injured himself....there were so many positions in squat and all those russians in a row at the end.  Dancers!  Please put your heels down when you land and use a plie to cushion your body!!!!!  THe ending was phenomenal with the russians then a cartwheel, into the splitz!  The judges berrated him a bit for adding his own flare, to which Kat stepped up to bat for Adechike and said that when Jose put his flava into Bollywood the judges loved it.  The judges really didn't have any credible evidence why it was ok to critique like that and they got booed-yay.  Good on ya Kat for stickin up for the dancers!  I also love Adechike's respect. "Yes sir" He's very serious when taking notes and I like that. Momma raised him right!  Mia said she was missing Alex (yeah we all are) which was a bit of a slam on assistant and Adechike, and of course Adam told Adechike to watch the playback-vomit.

Lauren & Kent (cuteness squared) paired off with Travis Wall (LOVE) for a contemporary dance.  Well lordy lou!  We have a match.  SO frigging cute.  So perfect for each other, and they don't dance like 17 yr olds.  I really appreicate that.  This piece reminded me of Jason & Jeannine's duo 2 season ago (also by Travis) to "If It Kills Me".  This piece was not that good, but close  The floor work/choreography was gorgeous and fluid.  I feel like Travis Wall is trumping Mia in the choreography department-there I said it!  Someone is better than Mia!  I was so excited watching this dance-I wanted them to be a couple for real.

Robert & Ashley tackled a Quickstep by none other than Mr Creepy, Jean Marc. Ew.
Within seconds a piece of Ashley's costume was falling off.  Seriously wardrobe-get your shit together.  Don't you have a budget!?  The song was good, but maybe not right for a Quickstep-I liked it.  I was kinda afraid Ashley might loose her top.  As the judges were talking about they're mediocrity I wondered why the HELL they make such a big deal about the Quickstep?  Why is it considered the dance of death?  They're SO HARD on the dancers taking on ball room....but where was the critical technique of Jose int he contemporary?  If you're gonna get on Robert's case about his close hold (WTF) then be equally fair on Jose.  Super unfair adjudication in my opinion.  But this is why it's called America's Favourite Dancer, not America's Best Dancer.  You'd never see a classical ballet routine on SYTYCD but they're expected to do bollywood and ballroom to perfection! Ugh.

Lastly was Jose & Billy in a Sean Cheesman Afro Jazz piece.
Sean-why are you wearing jeans in rehearsal? Seriously?  Ok, so the story of the piece is the hunter and the hunted...i like it.....i don't like it.  Jose can't point his feet, luckily he's doing Afro Jazz so he can sort of get away with it...sort of.  Sean (like Mandy) did choreo some flexed feet in there to try and disguise fooling me.  Sean really played to each dancers danced and Jose ran around the stage chasing him.  I don't like running in choreo.  Billy didn't really look like a jaguar to me, his movement didn't really portray that.  I agree with the judges that it wasn't strong enough and that Jose didn't work to his optimal physicality.  Over all this was a really mediocre piece to end the show with. Boo.

So no solos, we're all done the show.  I think Kent & Lauren's Contemp duo was the best, followed by Kent & Comfort's hip hop,  and rounding out the top 3was Kathryn & Robert's Barbie dance.  I really felt like the girls stepped up this week-Finally!  good job ladies.

"Pure Murderation"-Mia Michaels

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