Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday-Current Events

Heat wave!  Vancouver is hot hot hot, and I am loving it.  I have enjoyed my lunch outside every day I was at work this week!  And I'm neither a ghost nor a lobster....more like a golden marshmallow....well I'm getting there.  Note to pasty girls....tan in a tanning bed (not excessively) during April, May and build up a base tan.  It doesn't have to be dark, but just something so that when summer hits, you can spend time outside without ending up a lobster/tomato.  I highly advise it!

It is sad tho, because as we (Tyler & me) drive in to Vancouver (we live in Surrey), we can see the smog over the city from the heat.  It's not awful, we're no LA or T.O. but we have smog.  Only when it gets very hot (like this).  It's kinda gross, because we can see the brown haze as we drive in and the closer and closer we get to the city the less we notice it...because we're in it.  Ew.  Oh well.

I"m headed to Seattle tomorrow (yes 2 stateside weekends in a row) and Tyler and I will be going to the Boeing factory/museum?  Maybe learning about airplanes will help me from being so afraid of flying?  Their rules for the tour seem kinda strict

But the real reason we're headed down is because we have tickets to the Seattle Mariners game on Sunday afternoon.  They're playing the Yankees (eek-prepare to be crushed).  Now I am a staunch Red Sox fan, so I cannot technically cheer for the Yankees, but I am excited to see some of the most heralded ball players of this generation (A-Rod, Jeter, Swisher etc)  The problem is it's gonna be SO HOT, and I only own a Red Sox ball cap, which I DEFINITELY cannot wear to the Yankees you be complete murder suicide to do that!  So I may have to buy a Mariners cap?

Looking forward to a romantic (to us) weekend with Tyler.  The past two weeks have been so hectic, it seems like we haven't had  a moment to ourselves!  I love road trips, I love baseball, and I love spending time with Tyler.  He truly is my best friend and we have great adventures together.  Will post pics from the weekend on Monday!  Don't let me forget!

This is us last year at a Red Sox Game! Aren't we cute?

"Is it just me, or do I have no judgement" me on Friday July 8th while commuting to Vancouver, commenting on Tyler's driving skills and his ability to judge velocity and distance when it comes to passing other vehicles

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