Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Yup, I attended the Mariners vs Yankees ball game this weekend. YAY! Baseball!

We were in a section we had never sat in before-the Wells Fargo Club house thingy.  We paid $5 extra BUT it was like a seperate section with less crowded bathrooms, and less busy food and drink stands.  Our seats were even cushioned.  Very much worth the extra $5!  Unfortunately for us there was quite an opinionated Yankees fan behind us...I"m surprised I still have my hearing!  I don't mind cheering for your favourite team (GO SOX!), but he was irritating loud.  He was yelling saying things like "If seattle hadn't made a couple of those catches it'd be 16-0 right now" -at which I almost turned around and said "are we watching the same game?"or "it's outta here" only for the ball to be caught (by Ichiro) on the warning track (the sand 'border' that warns outfielders that they are close to the wall).  He also gloated about the Yankees pitcher Sabathia's ; that he hadn't walked anyong the whole game, even though the game wasn't over yet.  He had to say something about every play.  Finally towards the end of the game, and numerous comments, a guy one row up and across from me, leaned over and asked Super Annoying Yankees Fan "Was that Sabathia's first walk of the night?" Grudgingly SAYF agreed that yes his super star pitcher had just walked a Mariner...then he continued and said "And he (Sabathia) only has one strike out right?" Well I just about high fived him.  That Yankees fan needed someone to put him in his place.  I agree that theYankees are a dynamite team-they've got some true talent. But if all Yankee fans act like the guy who was sitting behind me, well then it's no wonder people don't like the Yankees!  (oh man, did people boo A-Rod.  I don't believe in booing but I did giggle every time it happened). 

That's one thing I've always appreciated about the ball park, regardless of your team winning or loosing, everyone at the park is there to have fun, and most fans can appreciate a good play, a good pitch, whether it's for his/her team or not.  Not this guy!  Oh well. I was still proud of the Mariners-Ichiro made some amazing plays, granted there were some awful plays too (aka missing catching a pop fly becuase the sun was in their eyes!!!!!)  All in all a great time at the ball park!  I love going to the ball park.  Literally from the time I walked into the park I was smiling! 

Also, Jason Biggs (American Pie) threw out the first pitch.  Ty was pretty psyched about that!

We also visited the Boeing Factory in Everett Washington-pictured left.  I was actually kinda shocked that they even let people go on tours of the factory-no cameras allowed.  I did see a 747 and 777 and a 787 in the process of being built.  One was already getting painted with a FedEx logo.  Very cool.  Tyler thoroughly enjoyed the trip-nerding out!

I"ve had about enough driving and doing to last me a lifetime....well at least 2 weeks, cuz that's when our next ball game is! For the next 2 weeks I"m gonna go to dance class, craft, garden and get stuff done around the house!!!!!  I'll be a right little homebody.  Thanks for reading!

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Jill said...

Boeing! That's so cool! I'm jealous!