Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tutus & Tarts

Usually on Thursday I participate in the lovely Alison's Recipe Swap Thursday.  However, I've been slightly pre-occupied with painting projects and out of town company to be bothered to cook lately.  However, I do have a a cooking oriented post today that I want to share with everyone.

Tutus & Tarts is a fundraising cookbook that is comprised of recipes from dancers, artistic directors and other dance community members from around the world!  The cookbook boasts over 150 recipes from people like Alex Wong (SYTYCD USA), Chan Hon Goh (former Principal dancer National Ballet of Canada), Jeff Hyslop (Phantom of the Opera Canadian Tour), Mark Morris (founder Mark Morris dance group), Paul Taylor (artistic director Paul Taylor Dance Company), Karen Kain (former principal dancer National Ballet of Canada), Twyla Tharp (internationally renowned choreographer).  It truly is a treat for foodies and dance lovers alike.  Not to mention a few of my favourite recipes are included as well!

Below are two press articles for more information

I will admit this is my pet project.  I put A LOT of work into it and hope that people enjoy it.  I used Rasmussen Printers (Winnipeg MB Canada).  They are cookbook printers.  They were wonderful to deal with, helpful and made it very easy and cost efficient way to fund raise!

If you're interested in purchasing the cookbook, please feel free to leave me a comment or call my office 1-604-681-1525 or email my office The funds raised for sales of the cookbook will go toward the Vancouver Ballet Society to support its programs.  For more information about the Vancouver Ballet Society please check out their website 

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I better be getting one for Christmas ;)