Monday, October 11, 2010

Tag-I'm It!

Jill, aka my lil sis, over at Envirocraftiness tagged me in this fun game!  Because I am such a snoop and I like to know everything about everyone (I love researching!) I really like this game.  So if I tag you please try to be a good sport!  And if you don't want to play-well I guess that's OK!

This one's pretty easy. I answer the 8 questions Jill came up with, create 8 of my own, and tag 8 others to answer them!

1 What type of theme party would you want someone to throw you for your birthday?
Well I was actually thrown a pretty awesome 20th surprise birthday by my girlfriends when I was at college.  It was hockey themed, and they all got t-shirts with numbers on them and their nicknames across the back.  Mine had the #20 and said "Coach".  It was very sweet.  One of my g-friends even blacked out one of her teeth!  Now that's commitment :)  But now I would want a Mexican themed ( i LOVE tequila) or Carnavale themed (I love those masks!) or maybe a 1920's/1930's theme ( I like big band music).  In all fairness any party I don't have to plan would be nice!

2 How many (if any) siblings do you have, and what is your favorite childhood memory with them?
I have one sister, and she is younger than I am.  Jill and I have A LOT of great memories together involving hot coffee, tongues frozen to poles, wrestling, playing Barbies etc etc.  But one of my favourite memories is of Jill & I freezing our buns off in the Saskatchewan winter, outside our local hockey rink waiting for our Dad to come and give our car a boost.  See in Saskatchewan it gets to -40 CELSIUS!  We were at the hockey and our Dad had told us to turn the car on and let it run during intermission.  Well, why would we do that, when we could walk around the rink and follow the cute hockey boys in suits who weren't playing?  Needless to say, our car didn't start after the game and our Dad sure didn't like the fact that we hadn't listened to his advice and had to come out and boost us.  There is a picture we took in the car where we are holding our noses because we are so cold.  When I find it, I'll post it.  It's very cute!

3 If you were a fruit, what would you be and why?
Hmmmm, I have never thought about that before.  I think I would be a pineapple, because they are my favourite fruit!  Plus they can double as a glass for a yummy tropical rum based drink-which I also like!  They're also deceiving, and I like to think I'm a little bit deceiving?  Maybe not :)

4 Who would play you in a movie of your life?
Who do you say without sounding super conceited?  I have 3 choices I think. First is Julia Roberts, only because I love her and have loved her forever, but she really doesn't look like me.  Second would be Sandra Bullock.  She is closer in the looks department and the mannerisms ( I sometimes snort when I laugh) but she's still not quite right.  I think the best choice would be Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls, Parenthood).  My sister in law thinks that I look like Lauren Graham in my grad photo (in B&W on my sidebar).

5 Sweet or Salty? 
I would have to say salty, because if you put a bag of chips and a piece of cake in front of me I would pick the bag of chips about 95% of the time!  I also don't really like cake....

6 What do you wish you could tell your ten year ago self?
Hmmm, my ten year old self?  I would have told her that it was OK to have fun.  I was a cautious kid, I never really liked to get into trouble ( I still don't).  I also might have told her not to be so boy crazy, because all the boys she liked didn't like her that way and that it didn't matter because in 10 years she would find the man she would be with for the rest of her life.  I could've saved A LOT of time pining away for boys who weren't right for me!

7 Do you eat corn (think niblets) with dinner as a starch (ie potato, pasta, etc) or as a vegetable (ie carrots, green beans, peas)? I"m asking because my best friend and I disagree on the matter! lol
Even though corn has a lot of starch (and sugar) in it, I DO NOT consider it a starch.  A perfect example was yesterday's Thanksgiving dinner at my house.  We had potatoes, yams and corn for our vegetable.  It really cannot be a substitute! Sorry Amy :) LOL

8 If you could live in a past era which would it be?
This is REALLY hard because there are alot of eras I would've like to live in. 

Let's start with the earliest and say Tudor/Elizabethan England (Yes I know they span several decades, bloody decades at that but I like that whole story arc).  I am OBSESSED about this time period.  I think it's enthralling (History Nerd Alert!) I read historical fiction books in this time period.  If you like this era too check out the books my Phillipa Gregory-I have listed my favourite books by her on my side bar!  I also watch 'The Tudors' (which I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend) and have seen both Elizabeth movies with Cate Blanchet, who I think is a great Elizabeth. (The mid to late 1700's-think Marie Antoinette- is also cool.  Except for the Revolution....that was sad)

Second I would like to live in the 1930's because I love the fashion, the emergence of art deco (emerging in the 1920's growing in the 30's), society and culture are growing by leaps and bounds, you're moving out of the Big Band era and into jazz (2 styles of music I adore) and it just reminds me of New York City, and when it really became 'the place to be'.  Plus don't you want to wear that hat!?!?

Lastly I would have liked to live in the 1950's/1960's.  I love the Mad Men craze that's hip right now.  I love the idea of being a housewife (maybe because I grew up when a lot of women were going back to work?)  I like the Americana, 'small town America' that grew out of these decades.  I love the advertising, I love that women wore dresses and gloves, I love the etiquette (complete with backstage gossiping, whispering and being an overall snoopy lousy neighbour!)  The stereotype of North America in the 1950/1960's is so cliche it's actually hip?  I also love the potential everyone felt.  The idea that you could be whoever you wanted to be and do whatever you put your mind to. 

Here are my 8 questions

1).  What is 1 thing on your 'Bucket List' & what is holding you back from doing it rightnow?
2).  What is your go-to feel better remedy and why does it work?
3).  What is your guilty pleasure television show?
4). What comfort food do you crave most when you visit family?
5).  Who can cheer you up best, even when you're in the WORST mood and how? 
6).  If you could trade lives with ANYONE in the world, living or dead, who would it be and why?
7).  If money was no object, how do you envision your dream house and where is it?
8).  What song is so special to you that everytime you hear it, regardless of where you are, you cry?

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I hope you've had fun reading my answers and getting al little glimpse into my life!


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