Monday, October 11, 2010


First off I have to wish all my Canadian readers a very Happy Thanksgiving.  For anyone who is wondering what we Canadians are thankful for, we celebrate the harvest, as opposed to Americans who celebrate the pilgrims landing in America.  Saskatchewan (my home province, it's right in the middle.  It's a rectangle and is almost perfectly flat) is known as the 'Bread basket of the world'.  Agriculture is a dominant industry in Saskatchewan.  Anywho...

Thank you to everyone who gave me some love about my lovely new living room.  There is still some work to be done, but I will get to that later.  NOW, for what you've all been waiting for..... THE BIG REVEAL  part deux!

Well if you hadn't guessed, it is another home reno project.  And yes it does involve getting rid of another one of my blue won't believe this transformation!

Here's what I started with

Yup more blue....even lighter than the living room.  At least the living room had some depth to it, this is barely blue.  I had conversations AT LENGTH with my Mum (who had seen the house in it original state) about how the brown cabinets, grey floor and white appliances and counter tops looked stoopid all together.  There was no cohesiveness, and the paint was NOT helping!  So I hummed and hawed and thought about my dream kitchen (which includes stainless steel appliances....*sigh* someday)  My idea scared some people when I asked them for advice...

Here's what I used

This was a solo project.  Meaning I did EVERYTHING, start to finish, by myself.  I did have a little bit of help from Ty, but not really enough to give much credit :)  He was supportive, and really that's all a gal needs!

Woo hoo! Priming-done.  Edging-almost done.....

Whoa!  One wall down....looking good!

Old versus new.  I hope you agree the new looks considerably better!

Around the window we go!

I HIGHLY recommend investing in a mini roller-ESPECIALLY for kitchens! 
There are so many little spaces to get in to!  It's so cute too!

I didn't want to paint the room in sections,
 but the kitchen couldn't be out of commission the WHOLE weekend!

More old versus new. 
Again I stopped short of the cooking area so I could still use my kitchen.

If you paint your ceiling (which I did repeatedly) a quick easy fix is to grab your edging brush and primer and spot treat your ceiling mark with primer.  Yes it is probably whiter than your ceiling, BUT it's better than a big daub of green on the ceiling! 
And really, no one is looking at the ceiling!


What do you think?  I LOVE it.  And yes, I know, a green kitchen IS NOT for everyone.  But as you can see my fruit bowl is green (on the island) and I have green bowls and green coffee mugs that accent my white dishes so everything ties together nicely I think.  I think my green kitchen is far superior to the blue kitchen.  "Better than the blue" has become my motto during these 'renos'. 

 I hope you have enjoyed the first 2 of many home update projects.  I also hope it inspires you to update your home.  Through this process I have learnt that you shouldn't be afraid of colour in your home-go with your gut, because you know what you like.  You can also paint a whole room in a weekend-it's not as time consuming as you think.  Map out your time and use it efficiently.  I also learnt that two are faster than one, so if you have a handy friend, see if you can exchange their painting skills for beer and pizza.  I know that would have made my kitchen come together A LOT faster!  But I am super proud that I made my kitchen one step closer to being my dream for those stainless steel appliances!

If you're curious to know what I used;
CIL Dulux 100% acrylic latex primer interior-White 2330 
Martha Stewart Living Base 2 Interior Latex Eggshell MSL2012 -Sultana 

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Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

I absolutely love the green in your kitchen and dining room...this is one of my fav colors!!!

Jill said...

I love it! It's so very you! I think this is what you've been dying for since you wanted to paint your room green in M-ville! Can't wait to come visit and see it!

Jill said...

Tag! You're it!

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

Very fresh and looks new. Are you happy with it? That's a win win!

Courtney Elizabeth said...

I love the green with the brown cabinets!