Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Ha ha! YES!  There are 2 parts to my big reveal, and actually there will be updates to these reveals in the make sure to check back.  Especially if you're a snoopy pants like I am-DO NOT leave me alone in a strangers bathroom, I will peak at your medicine cabinet.

OK so without further ado, my big reveal.  2 weeks ago my Dad, BBQ Dude, came out to visit for his birthday.  So naturally I put him to work, like any good daughter would do!

Here's the before

Yes I was living in a teal house. It looks light in the pictures, but I assure you it wasn't that light!  In fact when we moved in there were 4, count 'em FOUR different shades of blue in our house.  The teal in the living room was actually kinda great, only problem was that teal in the dining area attached to the living room was not great.  So, it had to go...

Ah, filling holes, sanding and priming....prep steps!

I'm sure my dad is telling me something very
 important about something up...the ceiling?  Who knows? 

The blue is's getting very real!

Eek! Now it's really real!  I had some minor breakdowns during this process. 
I was sad to see the teal go.....I know I"m crazy!??!

Here's our After
the paint is still wet in this one...hold on a minute...


There are a few finishing touches to be put that will be a whole other reveal!!! (mainly because it really is a whole other project in itself!)  The room itself is a bit of a project.  I am hoping to purchase a brown leather arm chair to match the couch, and it will live where the white chair currently resides and the white chair will flip over to the other side of the side table. 
More pictures, less talking? Sounds good!

FYI: If you like this colour, it's called Toasty Grey from CIL Paints

The mantle is a little bare and I haven't put up any pictures....but that's because I have one more finishing touch to add to my new living room!  This was my first project to truly make our new house our home and I'm very proud of the effort I put in!  Looking back at the pictures, I was getting used to that blue.  
It's kinda sad it's gone.

Anyways, I hope that was worth the wait!  I will be posting PART 2 of my BIG REVEAL on Monday.  If you were underwhelmed by this one, I'm so sorry. 
But I can promise Monday's reveal will knock your socks off!

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Amy said...

Ooh, I like that color! We've got a couple of the walls in the basement living room painted that color! Well... based on how it looks on my computer screen that is lol.

Jill said...

LOVE IT! Looks a million times better! I'd suggest longer curtains, and a large piece of artwork over the fireplace!

L.A. said...

Yay! glad you like it. yes at some point I will be getting different curtains that go to the far as the mantle is concerned....well just you wait! PS Amy-why aren't you following me?!? :)

Pam said...

REALLY love that new color; looking forward to seeing part 2.

Ann said...

Tell me what color that is-- I am desprately searching for a color for my den.

Shanarun said...

Oh my goodness, I am going to have to come back for part 2! I am a sucker for room make-overs! Have you thought about painting the chair frame a beautiful brown to match the couch? (ORB spraypaint -Oil Rubbed Bronze is a deep brown with a bit of a metal look -used it before?) I love your result -what color/brand did you choose?

L.A. said...

The paint colour is Toasty Grey from CIL Paints.

Yes, the chair is from IKEA and I could buy a new darker frame for it to match....or turn it into another project :)