Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Easy Cream Cheese Icing

The only reason any of us eat carrot cake and other not so hot muffins, cupcakes and squares is because of cream cheese icing.  Growing up, my mum would make sour cream cookies (sound disgusting, actually delicious) and my favourite part would be icing them with this icing and then decorating them with sprinkles.  See, she ONLY made these cookies at Christmastime in festive shapes, like Santa, a tree, candy canes... Anywho, I made pumpkin loaf muffins (from mix-I know I'm awful!) and wanted to ice them to make them uber yummy!  Here's my recipe for 5 Minute Cream Cheese Icing (pictures to come tonight!)

1 package cream cheese
(can use light version)
1 tsp. vanilla
1/4 C butter/margarine
1 C icing sugar

Allow cream cheese to soften-so take it out of the fridge 10-15 minutes before you start.  I also recommend using soft margarine, or letting it soften with the cream cheese.  Once softened, beat together the cream cheese and the butter with a wooden spoon.  I used a hand mixer and it was NOT a good idea. 
My margarine wasn't soft so it was a bit of a disaster!

Add the vanilla and blend.

Slowly add the icing sugar and blend.  Icing sugar tends to be lumpy, so you can sift it or just try to get rid of the lumps as you mix!  DO NOT dump the whole cup in at once...you'll regret it!  You can easily double this recipe if you have ALOT of goodies to ice.  My favourite thing about this recipe is that it is not overly sweet!  The ratio of 1 package of cream cheese to 1 cup of icing sugar is a good balance.  Of course, if you like something sweeter, add more sugar!

This icing is fabulous on anything, but especially on fruitcake, pumpkin loaf, carrot cake and sour cream cookies!  Enjoy!

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Jill said...

I love putting cream cheese icing on things you wouldn't really expect. People go crazy for it because they're not used to it on anything but carrot cake!