Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lucky 13

Hello Blogland.....

Well I've got 13 Followers as of today!  I know many of you are oot and aboot (that's Canadian for Out & About) joining the AMAZING giveaways that are out there (me too!), but I want to remind you of my so awesome goal of reaching 25 followers by the end of the year.....that's just 15 sleeps!  So share some bloggy love this holiday season-I have a great new button (I think it's SO cute!)-please feel free to grab it and rock it fiercely on your blog!  Also if you'd like me to feature you, send me your stuff!  I'd be totally honoured.

DON'T FORGET!  Envirocraftiness & Try To Keep Up will be sister blogging (for real...we're sisters) during the next 2 weeks!  It's going to be hilarious, catty, crafty and overall amazeballs!  If you follow either of us you will definately be in for a treat!

Happy Happy Merry Merry!

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