Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Gifts on the Cheap Part 2

Where did that week go? I dunno, but anywho, here's part 2 of great, heartwarming christmas gifts for neighbours, family, friends or if your eco/budget concious!  Part 1 was all about food....but I didn't know how to share it without giving away my dishes.  So here is what I came up with!

I took 2 old Pirouline cylyndrical cookie jars and turned them into re-useable gift tins!

Here's what they started out like
Then I spray painted them with Krylon Spray Paint in Ivory (Sorry no pics of this stage)

One of them did a wonky thing, and crinkled when I sprayed it (only one can.  The other paint lay flat) 

So I decided to use this defect to my advantage....doesn't it kinda look like a snowflake or frost?  That's what I thought...

So I started painting a winter/snow theme in teal, dark pruple and silver on the can.

For the lid, I stamped snowflake images in paint and then onto the top of the lid.  I added glue dots with white glue and sprinkled them with silver glitter.

For the other can, I went with a traditional theme, using green, red and gold sparkles.  First I started with green....

I had to paint over that free hand script several times, in order to make it nice and bold!

Next I added some red for a pop of colour!

On the red & green stripes and the painted script, I painted gold glitter over top to add some holiday sparkle.

For the lid, I painted a green & red plaid (I love plaid!)

Then I filled a large ziploc bag with my homemade Nuts & Bolts and put the bag inside the tin! TA DA!

There were some left over nuts & bolts and I had a few smaller gifts I wanted to give.  So I washed some old, unique jars to fill!  One was a mason jar, the other was a salsa jar!

As you can see I opted for plastic wrap and a good ole rubber band to seal the jar.  The lids from these jars never really come clean in the dishwasher, especially from spaghetti sauce jars!

To hide that lovely makeshift lid, here's what I did

Purty huh?  Here are the 2 of them side by side!

Hopefully my recipients will like these homemade gifts as much as I do!  Happy Gifting!


Autum said...

Very festive! Those will make really great gifts!

Jill said...

Love the plaid lid, and the gold bow!! I kinda like the crinkle effect. I would have used white glue to glue on more tissue paper like that all over and then spray paint it all and dry brush a hint of color on the raised parts. :) But I like the way you did it too! Only 5 Days! We need to start planning our event!!