Saturday, December 11, 2010

So Don't Name My Blog

Remember way back when, in September, I opened a contest called "Name My Blog"?  Maybe you don't-and that's fine, no one offered a better title...and the more I think about it the more I like my blog name.  Mostly the contest was for me to set some goals. 

One of them was to get an "I've been featured" button for my blog.  While I have been featured on a couple of other blogs, I wanted to offer a button for people I featured.....Check out my side you see it?  I hope you like it.  I've also made a Try to Keep Up Button that you can grab and enjoy and share on your blog-IF you feel so inclined! 
I think they're pretty nifty!

Another goal was to have 25 followers by the end of 2010! 

 I want to thank those that have chosen to follow my blog-it really means a lot to me.  I hope that (since whenever you joined) I have been able to make you laugh, possibly cry and hopefully inspired you to craft something.  As you can see today I have 12 followers.....and there are 20 days left in the year!  So I need to get 1.5 followers PER DAY until the end of the year.  If you like my blog maybe consider sharing it with other bloggy friends and help me reach my goal? Thanks :)

With that said, I'll try to entice you & potential other followers with a teaser.  Me and my AMAZEBALLS sister Jill over at Envirocraftiness will be crafting up some supah cool goodies over the Christmas Holidays!  You won't want to miss out! Necklaces, raisin pigs, and full-on sibling rivalry will abound, so I hope you'll stop by!

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Jill said...

Hey Les, you need to add the code so that people can put your button on their sites. All of the instructions are here, you really only need to do step 2, 3, and 5