Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

I do love decorating my tree.  Last year we had just signed the papers and purchased our new house in November and were headed 'home' to Saskatchewan in December...knowing we had to move in January we thought it silly to put up the Christmas tree, only to pack it up again.  It seemed like extra work.  So this year we put it up a little early (November 28th) and we have been enjoying it ever since. 

Here are some pictures of my tree just for fun

Left: Ballerina-I try to keep the dance/ballet influence in my home to a minimum, mainly because I live with another human being who happens to be male and didn't choose to devote his life to dance like I did.  But I just had to buy these last year!  There are only 3 of them.

Right Top: Glitter reindeer-these are new additions to the tree.  I bought them at Target (love) when we were down at the Seahawks game back in early November.  I think they were $2 or $3 for a set of 2 so I bought 3 packages and now we have 6 glitter reindeer in our tree!

Right Bottom: Crochet Snowflake-This was made by my mum, although I believe I starched it-that was an experience.  These snowflakes have become a bit of a tradition in my family (I'm the 3rd generation) so I feel it's important to have them be a part of my holiday!

Top Left: Owl-this is a wooden owl I HAD TO buy from Target!  I'm just so in love with him!  Even better?  He was only $3!

Bottom Left: Fireplace-Ty's parents bought this for us last year to welcome us into our new home...even though this is the first Christmas we've celebrated in it.  It's the only red ornament, but it's very special.

Left: MY TREE!  I love my gold tree.  I finally found a topper this year that I didn't hate that was only $15!
The ribbon is french ribbon I bought from Costco the year we bought our least 4 years ago.  The french ribbon is so perfect, since it allows to create any shape you want.  Before I bought the star topper I had created a giant ribbon bow that trailed down my tree. 

Oh and here's me and Ty in front of our tree!

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