Friday, December 10, 2010

My First 10 on 10

Well here it is-December 10th 2010 and here I am with my first 10 on 10!

All prepared to get my christmas cards and letters stuffed.  Took the photo on Tuesday night, uploaded it to Costco Wednesday day, ordered online Wednesday night, picked them up Thursday!  That's what I call efficient!

Stuffed, Sealed, Stamped-I'm yours! (I love Stevie Wonder!)

still stuffing a few.....I got a few late addresses come in via Facebook!  Just in the nick of time

frustratingly trying to get a hold of Toys R Us to see if the gift I want to buy is in stock...I was on the line for 5 minutes until I was diconnected. The other number just rang & rang & rang.... buh.  Do you see my chai tea? The only thing keeping me sane!

Out and About.  Letters in the mail before 4 pm so people around North America get them by next week!

Driving Home....Fraser Highway; I use the term hiway loosely.  The speed limit is 60 kph and it two way traffic-meaning 1 lane in each direction!

Dinner time.  I made beef & broccoli stirfry with ginger and oyster sauce.  So delcious.  I will definately post the recipe soon!  It's too good not to share!

Hot cholcoate time.  This was brought back from Mexico for us and we hadn't tried it yet.  Sadly all the instructions were in Spanish....luckily I know what con leche means-with milk.  And litre is litro....we figured it out. 
  It was delicious...a little bit cinnamony!

It's a Wrap.  Wrapping the gift I bought today!!!! So excited.  I hope they like it!

Relaxing and watching a little HBO!  This is a scene from Eastbound & Down starring the very funny Danny McBride.  Not to be viewed if you are easily offended or don't enjoy the comedy stylings of Will Ferrell-he is one of the executive producers!

I was really looking forward to 10 on 10, which I almost forgot.  It's a difficult challenge, mainly becuase you're so wraped up in your 'to do' list, that you forget to take the time to stop!  Look for another installment on Januaty 10 2011!


Jill said...

Who reminded you to do it?? :P You're welcome! Fun pics. Can't wait for my Christmas card. Also, it was good talking to you yesterday!!!

gabe said...

Stopping by from 10 on 10. . .

My oldest daughter's name is Leslie so I had to stop by and I am glad I did. Love your set!

Ashley Sisk said...

You had quite a productive day!

Dani said...

Welcome to the 10 club!

I'm jealous of your Xmas card mojo.

Great set! Merry 10!