Monday, January 10, 2011

First 2011 Feature!

Woot! I think this is gonna be a good year!

I just wanted to thank Jennifer over at Sunshine and Chaucer for featuring me (and my Kuny Wall Art) on her Favourite Things!
I get so excited when other people (besides my sister) think something I make is worthwhile! 

My favourite posts by Jennifer are her "Martha Mondays"!  They're so inspiring and remind me of my giant wish list of things to get done to make my home sparkle like Martha's.  I think my 2011 Mantra should be "What Would Martha Do?" LOL!  Go check out her blog when you get a chance and see what other lovely things she's featured!  She is a very sweet gal!

So thanks again Jennifer!  Being featured really inspries me to be more productive and creative!

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