Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Anthro Necklace Knock Off

I was super inspired by Bev at Flamingo Toes to make one of her lovely Anthro knock offs.  Bev has great tutorials, be sure to stop by her blog to say hi!

From the first time I saw her Pretty in Pinking Anthro Knock Off I was in love!  I'm a bit chesty, so this sort of look is not so hot on me....but I knew I wanted to make it and give it to my lovely, Anthro loving, soon-to-be sister-in-law!  So here's my's pretty darn close to Bev's....mostly becuase I bought the same ribbon as she did!

Here's what I started with.  I had never made jewelry before so I picked up a plyer kit with a 50% off coupon from Michaels.  It turned out to be very handy!

So as Bev outlines, put those beads on the pins. 
I really liked that she added the little pearls, so I did too!
Please pay no attention to the utterly disgusting, bitten to the nub fingernail!

Next create a loop at the top of the pin.  I really stressed out about making these loops really nice, only to realize I just had to open them up a little later on to attach them to the chain.  So just do your best and don't stress about these loops. 
You'll waste a lot of time...I did.

blurry iPhone photos-you get the idea

Clip the extra (straight) pin off with a wire cutter-also included in my little tool kit!
Here are all my little beads, ready to go!

Then lay out your chain (Bev recomends 30"...that's about 76 cm for the Canucks!)
And then also cut a 4.5' chain for the inside.  That's 11.43 cm, I think I did about 12cm.

Next put those lovely little beads on the chain.  Again, I followed Bev's tutorial and put 4 beads on the top/inside strand and 6 on the bottom.  I like symmetry too!

Then cut your ribbon and start tying it onto the chain.  Bev recomended 3" strips...and I tried, but my chubby fingers just could NOT tie those little strips onto the chain.  So I cut my ribbon into pieces that were 10cm long.

Lookin' pretty

Keep on tying.....this was time consuming, but SO worth it!

TA DA!  It's poufier than Bev's, but I like it!  Some of the ribbons were too long (they were 10cm after all) so I trimmed them with pinking shears!  Thanks for the inspiration Bev! 

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the cape on the corner said...

how fun! good for you for trying something new. and about your fingernail too, my friend, me too!

Stacey - Elle Belle said...

Gotta love a good tutorial that you don't have to improvise or tweak because they just nailed it the first time! Your version is lovely!
As for the nails... I wear mine like a badge... homage to the fact that my fingers are in glue, paint, glitter, and narrowly escape being pierced by flying sewing needles on a daily basis!