Thursday, January 13, 2011

Homemade Guac(amole)

While visiting family during the holidays my awesome soon-to-be sister-in-law (whoa hyphens!) and I made Extreme Nachos!  We are talkin' 2 layers people! Toppings included black beans, green onions, red & green pepper, jalapenos, black olives & lots of cheese.

As the nachos were baking we were getting all the accoutrement together and realized we had no guacamole!  I LOVE guacamole.  I actually love avocados in general, I mean who doesn't enjoy toasted tomato and avocado sandwiches!?!?! Yum!  So she showed me how to throw together home-made (tastes better than bought), guacamole.

1 (or more) ripe avocados
lemon juice
garlic powder (or salt)
chili powder
mayo (optional but not necessary)

I use a steak knife to cut my avocado in half. 
Grab a hold of both sides, twist and pull apart! 

Then I slice on an angle the "stem". 
This also allows me to peel the skin more easily.

To remove the pit, stab it with the steak knife.  Make sure it's really in there and then pull it out-the serrated edges keep the knife in the pit.  I know this probably isn't the safest way (America's Test Kitchen would hate me for this!), but it's super effective and I only have to dirty one utensil!  Carefully pull the pit off the knife blade! 

Next cube the avocado into dice sized pieces and dump in a bowl.

If you like really creamy guacamole you can add mayonnaise or Miracle Whip at this stage as you start to mash the avocado.  It's just a matter of personal preference.  Mash the avocado pieces with a fork to a consistency you like! 

Add chili powder, garlic powder and lemon juice.  Remember you can always add more lemon juice, so take it easy at first or it will be too sour!  If you used garlic powder add a little bit of fresh ground sea salt and black pepper. 
Mix it all up again one more time!

It's super quick and if you use one avocado it's the perfect size for a snack without having to open a tub from the grocery store that's just gonna sit in the back of your fridge and get all brown and gross....or is that just in my house? 
I hope you enjoy this yummy snack!

I know I do!


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Jill said...

LOL. You're such a nerd, but I love you!