Monday, January 24, 2011

Sisterly Spa Series: Day 1 Bath Bombs


I'm Leslie, sister to the lovely Jill from Envirocraftiness.  We're here this week sharing some home made spa recipes, reviews of store bought products and a little skin care help for all the lucious ladies out there in Blog-land!  Every day we'll be posting a review for a store bought spa product on one blog, and the other sister will be posting a DIY version on her blog!  Make sure to check out both blogs each day!

What's a bath bomb?  Well it's kinda like that exploding volcano science project we all did as kids (or still do with our kids) where you mix vinegar and baking soda and things go boom!  Only with a bath bomb, the boom doesn't happen until it hits the water (and it's not vinegar it's powdered citric acid that creates the chemical reaction in these bath beauties).

It might not look like much,  but Butter Ball is a little bomb with big time skin  softening powers!  Why?  Well 2 reasons.  If you've ever used a bath bomb (any brand) you'll feel soft when you get out, and that's becuase of the sodium bicarbonate aka baking soda. Baking soda will leave your skin feel soft, and odor free!  But this bomb has tiny bits of solid cocoa butter in the bomb that melt in your steamy bath!!!! Heaven.  Cocoa butter is a natural skin moisturizer and softener, helping relieve dry, cracked and itchy winter skin-bonus!  Not to mention this bomb smells good enough to eat! If you like vanilla-esque scents you'll really like the scent of this bomb. 
It blends synthetic musk and ylang ylang, plus the
cocoa butter which creates a really warm, comforting smell.

On a personal note this is THE bathbomb I use when I can't make up my mind, and it's never a bad decision.  It's the vanilla ice cream of bath bombs-simple, pure, delicious!  These lovelies are great for sharing with that special someone...maybe on Valentine's Day?

Make sure to hop on over to Jill's Blog 
and see how to make your very own bath bomb! She's got tips and tricks to get the perfect scent and how to mold the bombs into lovely shapes!

Don't forget to stop by tomorrow...I'm gonna be showing off a great DIY face mask for ALL SKIN TYPES and I'll tell you why it'll work for you!

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