Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sisterly Spa Series: Day 2 Face Mask

If you missed yesterday's post, I'm Leslie, sister to the lovely Jill from Envirocraftiness. This week sharing some home made spa recipes, reviews of store bought products and a little skin care help. Every day we'll be posting a review for a store bought spa product on one blog, and a DIY version on her blog!
Make sure to check out both blogs each day!

Mmmm, a good face mask just makes your day doesn't it?  The great thing is an effective face mask is just at your fingertips with items you may already have in your kitchen!  And it'll be just as good as those fancy store bought ones....probably even more so!

Today I am making a knock off LUSH Mask,
which has been discontinued :(
Leslie's Crash Course in Homemade Skin Care

What You'll Need
1/2 ripe avocado
1Tbls Plain Natural Yogurt
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp glycerin
5 drops lavender oil
Optional-baking soda, talc or kaolin
Step 1). Gather Ingredients
Step 2). Cut avocado in half, and peel. 
Cube and mash in a bowl
     Avocado provides a rich source of Vitamin A, B, D E as well as potassium.  Skincare made with avocados will penetrate the skin evenly and quickly making skin moisturized and soft.  Avocados is great on mature, sensitive skin or sufferers of eczema. 
For more info about why vitamins are good for your skin, check out my post on Free Radicals.
Step 3). Add yogurt, lemon juice and glycerin
     Yoghurt's natural pro biotic properties work like a mini microdermabrasion-meaning they slough off dead skin cells leaving your skin bright, glowing, rejuvenated and fresh!  It's also great in easing redness (sunburns) and eliminating excess sebum (skin oil) on breakouts.  Yogurt also penetrates skin to add elasticity to your skin, keeping wrinkles at bay!  And the lactic acid will gently tighten your skin!
     Lemon juice is a natural antibacterial as well as a skin brightener.  It can make sensitive sink tingle, so feel free to leave it out if you're especially sensitive...but keep in mind the difference between a good tingle and a painful burning
     Glycerin acts as a natural humectant, meaning it holds moisture.  Glycerin keeps the product and your skin moist as well as bringing moisture to your skin! 
It leaves your skin feeling exceptionally soft!
Step 4). Add Lavender Essential oil
    Lavender oil is the miracle oil!  I could go on and on about how much I love lavender.  Naturally lavender has relaxing properties, making a great bedside oil to help you relax and sleep.  Best of all lavender oil is AMAZING for all skin types!  Many products for oily skin contain salicylic acid!!!! It is a super drying agent and will definitely eliminate your acne....and it will leave the rest of your face pretty dehydrated, not to mention bleach your favourite towels!  Lavender oil on the other hand naturalizes your sebum production and help calm over-production.  It's also antibacterial and anti fungal, helping you ward off break outs or infections! So whether you have an oily T zone, all over grease, or just a bit of shine it's perfect for you!  It's a multi-tasker of an essential oil!!!!!

*NOTE* I found my mask a little too runny!  So I added 2 teaspoons of baking soda.  Baking soda is a great gentle exfoliant and odor controller.  If you have sensitive skin, you could add talc or clay to thicken up your mask.  Ideally clay would be best.  Clay is natural deep pore cleanser, so adding it to this mask makes it a deep penetrating cleaner and moisturizing mask!
Step 5). Apply mask all over skin. 
Make sure that you apply it thick enough that you can't really see your skin through the goop! Admire your monster-ness and have fiance take photos of your green green skin!

Step 6).  Leave on for 10-15 minutes MAX! 
 Do not let a face mask dry on your skin.  The moisture is good...once the edges start to dry, it's time to wash it off. 

 While you're waiting, package up your remaining mask in a seal-able container and store in the fridge for 14 days.  Even though there are no preservatives, the lemon, lavender and refrigeration will help your mask keep for next time!

Step 6). Wash off with warm water and pat dry.  Try not too be too bird-like and splash water everywhere....

Step 7).  Follow up with you favourite toner and moisturizer and admire your soft,
 moisturized, bright glowing skin. 
Add jazz hands if needed...what am I saying?
Jazz hands are always needed!

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and see her review on a store bought face mask!

Don't forget to stop by tomorrow...
I'll be reviewing my favourite lip balm! 
We all have one-I'm excited to see what your fave is!

Don't forget we've got a great spa inspired giveaway at the
end of the week, so make sure to stay tuned! 
Your skin will thank you!

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