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Sisterly Spa Series: Day 3 Body Scrub

If you're just tuning in, I'm Leslie, sister to the lovely Jill from Envirocraftiness. This week sharing some home made spa recipes, reviews of store bought products and a little skin care help. Every day we'll be posting a review for a store bought spa product on one blog, and a DIY version on her blog! Make sure to check out both blogs each day!

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Body scrubs are one of my favourite shower goodies!  I like how they feel, smell and how they make my skin feel!  There is a story that scrubs originated in tropical locales, like Brazil, where women would scrub their skin with the white sand from the beaches to create silky smooth skin.  Luckily there are many alternatives when it comes to what type of scrub we want.

Sand- Sand is quite abrasive, and therefore should be used in small amounts and used on skin that is naturally thicker and tougher than other skin.  Sand can work wonders on derrieres, thighs and feet! Sand will stay scrubby, regardless of how long its in water. 

Almond, Walnut Shell- Nut shells are incredibly abrasive and should probably never be used on facial skin-even though MANY skincare companies use nut shells in facial products!.  The shell of the nut will not break down in water, so the longer you scrub the more damage you can do.  Like sand, they are great on naturally tough skin like bootays, thighs and feet!  So save that scrub for tougher jobs.

Almond Nut/fruit- This is the actual nut that you eat.  It's considerably softer than the shell, and while it doesn't break down in water it is not nearly as abrasive as the outer shell.  I use a great daily facial scrub from LUSH that has ground almonds in it and I swear by it!!!! FYI it's called Angels on Bareskin.

Salt- Do not be afraid of salt scrubs! Yes, salt CAN dry out your skin, but most scrubs have a copious amount of oil (the oil helps keep the scrub together) and that will balance out the drying properties of the salt.  Salt also dissolves in warm water, so it's a safer scrub for people with sensitive skin.  Salt also makes you feel squeaky clean and is a natural skin lightener giving you radiant looking skin!

Sugar- Similar to salt, but often not as abrasive nor as drying.  Sugar will dissolve in warm water and is therefore a gentle alternative for those with more sensitive skin.  Not to mention, it smells great!

DISCLAIMER: products that say 'natural' or 'organic' are not necessarily 100%. Those words often refer to an ingredient in the product that can be classified as organic or natural :)

OK with that out of the way, today I'm reviewing Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub in Coconut Lime! I love this brand because their scrubs are great and super inexpensive (i buy it at Wal-Mart) with not alot of junky additives that are bad for you.  The smell is absolutely divine, very  tropical and refreshing!

This scrub contains:
Organic Shea Butter: This is a great natural moisturizer because it is similar to the oil that our skin naturally produces!  Shea butter protects the skin from both environmental and free-radical damage. It contains vitamins A and E, and has demonstrated both antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.  Vitamin A & E are faboosh at preventing free radicals, keeping you wrinkle free and looking young! 

Lime Extract & Orange Oil:-Citrus oils are natural skin brighteners, leaving you with radiant, glowing skin!  They are also great for eliminating excess oil on the surface of the skin! Scrubs with citrus oils are great for eliminating overly orange self tanner from knees, ankles, elbows etc etc!

Evening Primrose Oil: rejuvenating and anti-aging agent.  Can help calm acne and eczema, making it great on sensitive and/or mature skin.

I use this scrub on any area of my bod I'm about to blade shave (legs and underarms).  Scrubs slough away dead skin cells, which allow for a closer shave with  less chance of razor burn and ingrown hairs. 

I really love using scrubs on my arm pits-weird I know, but the pits are often neglected and can become discoloured from antiperspirants, sweat, clothing dye etc.  They are also BIG TIME sweat producers, so keeping them soft, smooth and dead skin free can really help you keep your cool!  I've also used it on my face in a pinch....just make sure to add some water before applying to skin.

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