Friday, April 1, 2011

Dance Power-Feel the Power of Dance!

Hola lovely ladies! I must apologize because I've been uber busy the past week. I'm planning a conference for graduating dance students and right in the thick of dance competition! Some days I don't know how I will manage if I ever have kids! I read other blogs by busy mums and they manage to post more than I do!

So besides planning this conference and cleaning my dances I did get the chance to plant gladiola bulbs-only to have the squirrels in my back yard dig them up for dinner! They are replanted and I am in the process of getting some chicken wire to protect them!

And before I go I have to brag a little! I had 6 dances at the Dance Power competition yesterday and they walked away with 3 silvers and 3 golds!!!! I've got more dances today, three duets. I will make sure to take some pics and show them off soon!

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