Monday, April 4, 2011

Dance Power Results!

Whew! That was a long weekend!  Life feels a little more simpler-thankfully, and I can get ready for our next competition....which starts on Wednesday!   No rest for the wicked I suppose?

Anywho I wanted to share some of my awesome little dancers and how GREAT they did this weekend.  I wish I would have got more pictures in costumes, but by the time I got down to the dressing rooms I was too late. 

I made their hats! Aren't they cute!

This next dancer is VERY special to me!  This is her first solo-EVER!  She gave me a list of songs that she liked and I chose one that I really liked; Coldplay's Fix You.  We talked about what the song meant to her and how she was going to portray her emotions to match the song.  Then she told me that her Nan had been diagnosed with cancer last year, and even though she's in remission now, this song reminded her of that battle. 
I was SO touched! 

As you'll see in the pictures this little lady can really tap into her emotions.  Infact, she's so beautiful when she dances she made me cry watching her-and I rarely cry watching dance pieces (I'm so tough!)  I hope you enjoy these moments from her Lyrical Solo-Fix you.

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